Your Favourite Forever Programs?

I am currently doing the Wendler’s classic program with the weighted vest. Just finishing up my first cycle of the leader program. Looking to build strength, but also stay athletic for my fall rugby season with the bodyweight/weighted vest workouts and the airdyne riding.

Running Coffinworm 3 days per week.

Anyone done S.V.R. II?

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I really like the idea of SVR II and the Pervertor templates. Really interested in trying them.

If doing the SVR II as a leader template, I’d probably run 3/5/1 3x5 FSL as the anchor template with PR sets 1st and 3rd weeks.


What page is that on? I don’t see it in my book

If I remember correctly, the leader is 3/5/1 by design. I don’t remember about the anchor.

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Page 107-108 of Forever

Thoughts? I’m thinking about shifting my focus back to strength next year and am curious about coffinworm.

I just gave Pervertor a look, I read the book before but didn’t really give the programs much thought and that one looks like something I could do for a long time. I don’t really like the idea of BBB and Jim does mention its not for everyone but I could easily do it 1 of 3 weeks.

Like a lot of Wendlers stuff, just make sure you can recover. I’m 45 and drug free, it’s been kicking my ass!
But I like it.


The limited time template has been the one that best fits my schedule. One squat/press workout during the week during lunch hour and deadlift/bench during the weekend at the gym (where I have access to an olympic barbell and bench).

I’ve found that I need to focus on specific lifts to improve on in the assistance days. If I treat assistance days as just assistance days, I’m likely to skip them. I still adhere to the general guidelines, so a workout day might be focused on (relatively) heavy kb swings and weighted dips in sets of 10, but also include recline rows.

The original 5/3/1, with joker sets. The new guidance on the latter has been quite helpful.

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I’m doing the 7th week protocol right now, but I’m going to start the Leviathan this coming weekend. I love the looks of this program and I must have missed it when I first read through the book. It’s the way I like to train: hit my TM for a single every workout then do the supplemental. Training like that for me makes the supplemental stuff feel so light and it flies up. I think full body 1000% Awesome and Morning Star both look great too.

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My favorite the combination program.
3 leader,2 anchor
Squat 5 progression, FSL 5x5 ,-push-ups between every squat set, 25-50 easy pull, like lat pull down to stretch from the squats and 25-50 45 degrees back raise super setting with the lat pull down at the end
Bench 5 progression, SSL 5x5 , progression of fat man row, chins , pull-up between each bench set, curls 25-50, tricep pressdown 50, VKR 50. Curls ,triceps, VKR done as a circuit.
DL 5 progression, SSB GM done as BBB 5x10 with good form at about 30-40% of squat TM, Spud cable row 50, push-ups between DL and GM sets, sit ups 50
Press 5 progression, fat bar behind the neck press 5x10 BBB, about 40%of Press TM, progression again of fat man rows, chins, pull up between press and BTN sets, curls 25-50, rolling DB tricep 25-50, DB side bends.
Anchor cycle 1, 351 with "PR"sets on 3 and 1 week, capping set at 6 and 3 then TM for single or double. Then 50 from push,pull, core.
Anchor 2 351 with PR sets capped at 10 and 3 and 1 week. No supplemental or assistance.
Deload , then reset
All training days take about 75 minutes with a warmup.
At 58 years old this works for me. I have a pretty good idea of what makes my lifts work and what I can recover from. The push-ups and pull up work between sets keeps me focused, and add some quality work that is easy to recover.
I train around an 80% or so TM to start. Conditioning is brisk walking 2-4 miles on non lifting days. I use this program September through May and use a 2x2x2 , over the summer when I can train press and DL outside. I train at home.
Thanks for reading and good luck to all with your training. Learn what works for you.