Your Favourite Forever Programs?

Out of the programs you read/tried from Forever, which ones inspire you the most? Feel free to elaborate with thoughts and feedbacks eventually.

I really like Leviathan and Pervertor, by the look of them, for the focus on strength. Planning to start next month with the first, then move to the second.
The Morning Star looks fantastic, it’s in the “wish I could” camp for me right now since my gym doesn’t have the equipment for safe oly lifts and I could never practice cleans. Someday, tho.
Not from Forever, but when I get stronger I really want to do the Monolith.

Disclaimer 1: don’t turn this into a dick measuring contest about what is better and whatnot, it’s just for talk;
Disclaimer 2: don’t give away specific parts or details of the programs, for obvious reasons

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I like Krypteia so far (finishing up part I cycle I this week). It’s simply, but it ain’t easy.

I’m doing 531 BBB as laid out in a 2011 article. It’s been amazing for the first 4 cycles. Going to ride it out for a year or until it stops working.

Would you guys recommend buying the forever book?

It’s definitely a great resource for 5/3/1 and worth the purchase if that’s how you like to train. It lays out a ton of templates/training options.

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I’m also running Krypteia, and I’m in cycle 2. I really like it.

After this, I will move onto the Wendler Classic. I like the set up of that program and emphasis on weight vest training, leaving time for mobility (yoga) and conditioning.

Definitely. It’s crammed full of programs, plus discussions/approaches to assistance exercises, conditioning, mobility, supplemental choices. I like that it has several specific templates to run exactly “as is”, but also gives the reader some guidance on choosing their own and several programs where they would do this. My problem has been a tendency to “train like an asshole”, as Jim would say, by adding to much to my workouts or “testing” rather than “training”. This book helps to correct this attitude, at least for me.


I’ll have to check that out.

The only thing about Krypteia I don’t like (in theory) is that you drop the press. We’ll see how I feel about it after the last cycle.

That’s the one thing making me hesitant to try it - I don’t like not doing one of the main movements for extended periods of time knowing that my strength in it will most likely drop a significant amount. My press strength always drops when I stop practicing it. Can anyone chime in to ease my worrying about this?

If your press numbers drop due to a lack of practice, that’s not your press strength dropping; that’s your press SKILL dropping. If you’re still doing a lot of pressing (bench, DBs, push ups, dips, etc), your press STRENGTH should still be increasing; you’ll just be detrained in it. Once you pick the press back up, you’ll see your numbers rise again.


The Pervertor and Morning Star are definitely on my list. Right now I’m running the BBS/FSL 5x5. I’m running BBS for squat and press and fsl 5x5 for deads and bench. I’m using the trap bar for deadlilfts for a few months after a low back injury (non lifting related), so while I don’t feel that I get much out of FSL for the trap bar, I power clean before I deadlift and removed the supplemental deadlilft work. It’s working beautifully. I’m finishing up my second cycle and I’m going to run one more before moving onto a cycle or two of an anchor. I’ll probably just run the original PR set with FSL 3x5, except for the press, I’ll probably do 5s PRO with Jokers and FSL.

Not sure what will be my favorite until I actually try them, some things look better on paper. Honestly might just start with BBB I was never a huge fan of that but its still seems to be popular and early in the book so I guess its good and works.

I’m a big fan of the original still so I might still do that for anchors. So maybe my favorites will be a leader that doesn’t have a specific anchor so I can keep doing that.

I don’t have the book yet. But I noticed the table of contents included, what appears to be, a big section of Full Body programs. Is this true and how do they look?

There actually isn’t a table of contents for the book. That said, the programs all seem pretty solid.

Yeah, I agree. I have been doing the incline DB press for assistance on the squat/DL days, and if I do a pretty upright angle I feel like it works shoulders quite a bit. So I hope that makes up for dropping the OHP for a cycle.

I have had to cut back the DL reps in the Krypteia program. I’ve been using 3’s PRO for them instead, because doing sets of 5’s is too much for me to recover and play sports 1-2 times a week.

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I did 1000% Awesome awhile back when it was on his private forum. I had my best squat and bench gains doing it. I also really enjoyed the layout.

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I’m looking forward to God is a Beast after I finish up this prep cycle

I think all three books (Original, Beyond and Forever) are a VERY small investment compared to what they offer - for most lifters, it’s enough content to train for the rest of their life, with smart and steady progression. That alone as a thing is almost priceless for someone who’s seriously involved in weight training, so the cost of the books is nothing.

Forever is a goldmine imho, tons of content for all needs, laid out very specifically but still with a lot of room for personal choice on number of days, assistance work and such.
And frankly, as long as you’re honest with yourself and have an ounce of patience, all of this is much better than what almost any personal trainer could ever come up with for you at a much higher fee.

There’s a couple of specifically full body programs, yes, plus almost every program is written with different splits/variation that account for 2-3-4 days a week of training so most of them have a full body version - they look good (the Morning Star I mentioned really gives me a hardon) and some of those look tough as hell just by reading them.

Yep this one too really interested me, and the Spinal Tap variations.

Wanted to add, I love the original setup with PR sets.
Right now I’m still doing PR set playing around a bit - doing Jokers + 5x5 FSL on Deads, BBS on Press and Squats and BBB or SSL on Bench.

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was going to do morning star,but decided on God is a Beast…friggin love it(as does my training partner) finished 1 leader and will start another leader right away…have a log on his forum…program is legit…was looking basically for a strength based program/template

I’m currently doing a basic program of 5s pro & 5x5 FSL (leader) This will be followed by 3/5/1 PR & 3x5 FSL (anchor). I’m super-setting a lot of assistance from all three categories.

If this goes well, I’m going to give the Krypteia a try, but I will probably reduce it to SLBBB to see how it all plays out. If all goes well, I’ll try to increase it in later run-throughs.

My current routine is like swimming in the shallow end of the pool. The Krypteia with SLBBB is like swimming somewhere in the middle of the pool. and finally the full Krypteia is like swimming in the deep end of the pool. This all just follows the principal of starting light and progressing slowly.

Eventually I want to give Coffinworm a run…

The gold nugget for me was super-setting easy conditioning and recovery work for old men.

I am REALLY excited about running “God is a Beast” after I’m done with Monolith.

Currently on a slightly modified Pervertor (FSL/SSL Deadlifts not BBB/BBS)

There’s years of good templates… after the Anchor for this I’m looking at the SSL + BBS combo.
Cuz I like 5’s, and I prefer main lifts too assistance.

God is a Beast and Monolith will be ran at some point, as will Krypteia.