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Your favorite.....

We haven’t had a good sports post in a while, I’m curious as to everybody’s favorite Professional sports team and their favorite player. I’m an american, so of course, I love football.
Favorite team - Miami Dolphins
Player - Ricky Williams, naturally =)

      GO PHINS BABY!!!

team: Les Expos
player: Vlady Guerrero

Vlad Guerrero is a beast, could be the best player in baseball if he played elsewhere.

Team: Atlanta Braves
Player: Greg Maddux

Loyal Dallasite… so Cowboys (very painful the last vew years) and Mavericks (very painful last night…). ALso love watching the Lakers and the 76ers. Nash is normally great to watch… hasn’t been playing very well last couple of games though. We’ll see.

Go Mavs!!!


Golf (yeah i know, most people don’t consider it a sport)

Ernie Els… what a smooth swing

Cowboys–Dat Nguyen(watched him since he was in highschool)

Spurs–David Robinson (just such a class act, even if he is soft)

Player: Peter Bondra (Washington Capitals) - Unlike the majority of the Caps roster, he plays his heart out every single game. And his goal celebrations great. He acts like every goal he scores is the first of his career.

Team: It used to be the Caps, but after letting me down, yet again (I vowed that if they didn’t make it past the first round this year, I wouldn’t waste any more time, money or emotion on this team, and I had been a fan for 14 years), and seeing the horrible attendance for the playoff games - there were probably 15,000 fans for the first 2 games (capacity is over 18,000) and for the final game it looked like there were only about 10,000-12,000 (have seen better attendace at pre-season games - DC will never be a hockey town), I am no longer a fan. They let me down every single year.

I guess I’m a free agent now :slight_smile:

I’m prolly not gonna hear the end of this but I been a Viking Fan since 1974 -

Fav Old Timer - Fran Tarkenton
Fav Current - Chris Hovan(He’s from Ohio and his cousin works out in my gym)

Baseball I’m a Homie - Cleveland Indians

Doogie, please tell me your not an Aggie fan!

Dustin (sickened by Aggies, whether they be from Stoolwater, or College Station)

I’ve gotta go with my home team - Toronto Raptors. With a top 3 pick this year in the draft, and hopefully everyone healthy, they should be one of the top teams again next year.

Gig 'em!

Team Postal Service
Lance Armstrong,George Hindcapie.

All the others are couch potatoes compared with these two.

I don’t really have a favorite team per say, but I am a huge Kevin Garnett fan. Best passing big man in the NBA, and charismatic as hell. Plus, he’s from SC.

I think he’s truly in line to be the next king of the NBA after Jordan. If he could only get to a bigger market than Minnesota.


Well, at least your not a Longhorn fan. Besides being a OSU fan, I can't think of anyhting worse than supporting the fuckers in burnt orange.

"Burnt orange makes me puke" -Brian Bosworth