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Your favorite workout

I’ve enjoyed reading this forum daily since I recently found it. I know there are several workouts I can find on this site but I was wondering which ones you guys have tried and were you pleased with the results of the routine? I’ve done Poliqiun’s GVT which I liked but need to start a new routine soon. Thanks for the help.

You know how if you do a 10rm, you’d be using about 75% of your 1rm? Poliquin says in his Principles book to use your 1rm (or at least close to it) for a rep, right away take off some weight (5lbs or something), do another rep, etc. 10 times. The average weight lifted will be more like 80-85% of the 1rm. I started doing this for closegrip, standing curls and military press a couple sessions ago and I’m getting huge results. It’s some sort of drop set/rest-pause routine and it will only work really well if the rest between reps is negligible.