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Your Favorite Workout Split?

Good afternoon fellow T-Nation readers. I was wandering what everyone’s favorite workout split is. Be it Push, pull; legs, upper-lower, or even the dreaded bro-split. Please discuss are possible share your reasoning for choosing said split as your favorite.

For me, while not a really a split, I’d go with the 3 day full-body routine. I just like how every time I train, the whole body is getting hit.

Push pull legs for now.



Upper / lower / upper Week 1
Lower / upper / lower Week 2
Upper / lower / upper / full body Week 1
Lower / upper / lower / full body Week 2

I’m currently not doing this. But it is what I would do if left to my own programming.

Why - I just find I get to work out hard enough to make good progress. Its easy to add in OR remove a session. I can go from 2x week to 4x a week and it does not cause programming issues.
And I get to add in full body strong man stuff every week if I want.

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Normally, I favour either: Upper, lower, off repeat OR Lower, push, pull, off, repeat OR upper x 3 times per week /lower x 3 times per week…it just depends what my current goals are really.

Training 3 on 1 off is generally what works best for size, since I can get through plenty of volume and usually be fully recovered next training, whereas the other training options tend to work a bit better for speedy strength gains.

Monday - heavy lower body
Wednesday - heavy upper body
Friday- lighter lower body
Saturday- lighter lower body

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - rest

Thanks for all the responses guys. I never realized the upper, lower splits received that much love. Is there any particular reason you’d like to share?

If I give legs their due effort, I don’t much left over for anything else. And I never have in the last 53 years I trained.

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I was a big fan of push, pull; legs when I used to train in commercial facilities. I like using all of the leg machines on leg day.

Lately been having good results from:

  • Chest/bis + side delts pump work
  • Quads/hams
  • Back/tris + brachialis pump work
  • Delts/traps + rear delt/ext. rot pump work
  • Glutes/quads + abductor/adductor pump work

I find I get my most aesthetic look by splitting up the week by antagonist bodyparts but still focusing primarily on performance. I feel it’s opposite what most do which is week split by movement pattern but focusing on hypertrophy and volume.

For example a delts/traps workout could look like:
A1. Push press
A2. Snatch high pull

B1. Strict press
B2. Kirk shrug (strict, slight lean, pull bar to naval)

C1. Snatch-grip BTN press
C2. Facepull

D. Some accessory rear delt and rotator work, usually involving 5lb DBs :rofl:

So not very bro-ey at all lol. Only on the surface.

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My favourite is:

Lower, Upper, Fullbody dynamic, Fullbody hypertrophy

I like to think of it as 3 full body days where I split the first day into two :laughing:


Lower body is simple. As @RT_Nomad says - do legs well and you have 0 left.

The upper body, I guess its a hang over from doing 5x5 and then 531.
On 5x5 and 531 you do push and pull at the same time.
I also do not think you need monster amounts of time or energy to get bigger/ stronger. How people spend 1h doing press workout imm never know. So it makes sense to add them together.

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This is one I could definitely get with if I wanted to have 4 mandatory training sessions. That sounds like a great way to train!

Yeah I was about to say that you’re the only one using a “bro-split”. On the surface, it does seem that way until you look at the structure of your routine more.

How do you like the snatch-grip high pulls by the way? I can’t say that I’ve ever really done them myself but am curious about them.

I have falling in love with 2 to 3 full body routines per week…my reason is it allows me to enjoy other hobbies along with working


I can get on board with this. I never new this but there are those who advocate just 2 full-body routines a week. In the book “Dinosaur Training”, the author recommends it. I never heard of anyone going for only 2 workouts a week. The lowest I’ve seen was 3.

Please let me know what it’s like to only do 2 full-body’s a week. Did your strength improve? What are the pro’s and con’s?

I really like using supersets/giant sets/circuits, so upper-lower splits or full-body workouts have always worked well for that. For the last two months or so, I’ve been doing full-body circuit stuff 4 days a week and it’s brutal and awesome and, yeah, a little fun.

A complete 180 on that, I also really like just one lift a day, usually with EMOM. Something to be said for just going balls out on one big exercise and calling it a day to help dial in the focus and bring the intensity.

Not to speak for fitafter40, but two weight training sessions a week can be great if you’re active doing other stuff throughout the week, like he said he does. That’s why it’s a solid approach for in-season athletes, for example, who have other training and practices to get through during the week.

But it can also depend on your goals. Like, for fat loss, two sessions per week wouldn’t be ideal because you’ve got to be that much more dialed in on the nutrition front since you’re not expending as much energy in training. For putting on size though, I’m pretty sure the old 20-rep squat routine had a two-day a week option. So it can definitely be made to work on that front.

Or, for guys with manual labor jobs who’re moving bricks and whatnot 10 hours a day five days a week, tacking on another 5 hours of lifting weights isn’t always the best idea there, so hitting the gym twice over the weekend can avoid overtraining allow some recovery.


I’m a big fan of the “one lift a day” idea as orchestrated in 5/3/1. EMOM is great as well. I just love how you focus on the “meat and potatoes” or that 1 lift and give your all. Then you have “desert” if you so desire in the form of your supplemental exercises.

Because I love to practice both progressive calisthenics and weight training equally, I usually pick 2 challenging calisthenics exercises on the “calisthenics-focused day” or 1 weight training exercise on the “weight training-focused day” and work the exercises hard.

I like to read a lot of stuff from guys from the 50’s or 60’s. Stuff from the likes of Steeve Reeves seemed so much more practical to me. They just had this sensible approach to their training. A lot of them worked very physical jobs as that was the norm back then. They always talked about the classic 3-day, full-body routine as being ideal.

If I had a manual labor intensive job, I would keep my training as “bare-bones” as I could make it.

Yes my strength increases with 2x/week if I do 3x/week my strength stalls, at this time I am following Dr. Dardens 30-10-30 routine using nautilus equipment…at 57 years old still working and playing golf and doing other stuff it works for me…my only vice is I am still trying to lose about 10 to 20 lbs

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Great stuff @fitafter40 . You have to do what works.

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100% does. And come the tail end of the 6 weeks its an attractive option. Very attractive to be fair. Although I prefer E3D. Which I swapped to after work out 14 (of 18). With the right intensity even this is bearly enough recovery.

@tim_cappello I’ve used a 2 day a week as stated above, doing a Dan John inspired thing and 531 whilst playing rugby.
My honest opinion is mixed.

The Dan John inspired thing did not work. But I’m 99% sure I set it up wrong. I was very young in my weightlifting days.
531 whilst doing rugby worked for a while. Then I stopped making progress. I was trying to cover too much ground. And I had competing demands on my recovery. It held my strength but I made limited progress for a whilst. So again - kinda on me.
The 20 rep squats - 100% effort that time and it worked great. I got bigger & stronger.

So yeah. If doing 2x week. Id say go full body, but go HARD. Super hard. You have enough time to recover.