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Your Favorite Track from Workout Playlist


I know it's hard to narrow it down to just one song/piece, but everyone has that one favorite track that just gets their blood going as soon as it starts. What's that one favorite track in your playlist that never fails to get you pumped and makes you bust out those last few reps like your life depended on it?

My playlist consists of a lot of early Bay Area Thrash like Testament, Exodus and Megadeth and old school Death Metal like Death, Morbid Angel, Autopsy and other shit I used to love back in high school but if I had to pick the one track that just makes me push it, it's definitely CAFO by Animals as Leaders. Holy shit, just inspiring musicianship!

4:29 till the end of the piece gets me all the time.


I don't have a workout playlist, don't bring my tunes into the gym with me, but I like to have this one playing on my iPod as I'm heading into the gym.


Oh fuck yeah, Gojira is awesome! I love that track as well.


I'd love to be able to workout in silence. If I had a home gym that's how it would be.





Why did I bother taking this semi-seriously?

Why is it only Canadians posting in here?


Dang, wily Canadians.

My favorite from today. I usually have a different favorite daily based on what I have going on, lyrics striking a chord with me, or just feeling a certain rif or breakdown that day.


This topic has been beaten to death in SEVERAL similar threads.



HEY where in alberta are you from? This thread is like team alta!!



<--used to live in Calgary and misses it. Go team AB!





OMGGGG ME TOO!! Maybe we know each other?!! haha, this is exciting. Do you ever train at kinsmen??


I love Calgary! Went there for christmas every year as a kid before my grandparents moved and whatnot!


I did a couple of times. I go to both the U of A and Grant Macewan for school but I work out at Grant Macewan because I really like their gym and I already live downtown.


It's awesome what just a little palm muted chugging does to the brain.


Calgary suckah. And it's team AB, I'm pretty sure we ditched the "alta" years ago.


See? Somebody's on the ball. AB all the way.