Your Favorite Throw?

[quote]Cockney Blue wrote:

When I use the Tomoe Nage I complete it by following them over to end mounted so I am not sure quite what you are saying by doing a round off over the legs. Typically anyone who is good just uses posture against my tomoe which sets up my open guard nicely[/quote]

Here is an example of a roundoff (fast forward to about 1:15 past all the stretching stuff)

When your opponent attempts tomoe nage you step deep near their armpit, plant your hands on their chest, and spring over into a dominant position. Usually you end up in perfect position to slide right into side control or north-south (kami shiho gatame)

The reason it works best against BJJ players is that they are generally less sticklers about their foot positioning, and instead of jumping underneath their opponent, they generally pull backwards and almost sit on their ass. They train tomoe thinking “worst case they end in my guard” which leaves them wide open to this sort of counter. The round off does NOT work when your opponent hops deep underneath you, and does the right thing with their hands.

The round off also works really well against drop seoi nage.

OK, that makes sense. Never had anyone try that on me from the throw, as I said above, people tend to defend by posturing, but will certainly be thinking about it when I get back on the mats.

Would be interested to have a play with it. I have had people try stuff like that from my open guard, and the foot on the hip gives me a good feel for where you are going. If I am in doubt I tend to just launch them to give me space to scramble.

That’s one thing I love about training new places, new challanges!

Am I the only one who gets Street Fighter II flashbacks when he sees a proper tomoe nage? (Ryu FTW!)

I compete in San shou, it allows my wrestling slams.

Nothing… Absolutely nothing is as satisfying as imposing my will with a 5 point German suplex. :smiley:

But in application usually it’s a high crotch. I can dump nearly every body in any class regardless of weight on their butts.

lol @ not knowing any of the japanese names of the throws and having to constantly switch back and forth between this thread and youtube

Kata guruma, te guruma, and morote gari on the mat. And osoto gari off the mat.

tree topper. if you can get it good it can be murder and you have the possibillity of landing with great possition.