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Your Favorite Template in the 5/3/1 Forever Book?

Jim, just got the book this week and I love all the information you provide and the way you look at lifting and life, much respect.

I’m looking to run one of your 3 day work out splits and curious with your personal experience, with you and other lifters, which routine was your favourite?

The ones I’m currently looking to run is:

  1. Forever BBB
  2. Full Body 1000s Awesome

With the Full Body 1000s Awesome do you recommend any restrictions on the Assistance work like you do in the BBB routines, for example, Dips?

Forever OG 5/3/1 Option 2 has been amazing for me running it two days a week, squat/bench, dead/press.

What page is that on in his book?

Original (OG) 5/3/1 option 2 on page 165/166. I call it 10/5/10 and set my TM so I can always get 10 reps on the final set (usually about 75-80% TM).

I ran the full body 1000% Awesome and loved it. I’ll probably go back to that at some point. I really liked it because I like that style of 3 day a week full body training, but I can’t really handle squatting 3x/week. I did well with the squatting on Mon/Friday and deadlifting Wednesday.

I’m finishing up the Leviathan anchor right now. It’s been good for strength. For supplemental I did BBS for press, BBB for Bench, Widowmakers for squat and FSL 5x5 for deadlift. I’ll probably run Leviathan again for the press, as it responds really well to that type of training for me.

So far I like the Krypteia Prep Phase the best.

I ran Krypteia and I’m currently doing the Perverter. Both are great. Krypteia is programmed exactly in terms of assistance and order of exercises in each workout. It’s great, but after 17 weeks of it (prep phase, leader, and anchor) you’re definitely ready for some changes. The Pervertor is great because there is more variety in the framework and it changes each week (BBS, BBB, SSL), and gives the lifter some leeway in choosing assistance. That said, I plan to re-run Krypteia next year.

That one looks interesting. I didn’t notice it there before. After my current routine, I think I’d like to give that a try.