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Your Favorite T-Nation Articles

What are your ABSOLUTE favorite T-Nation articles since T-mag started back in 1998? Try to keep your list to 5 articles or less.

Not in any order:

  1. Set yourself on fire by Chris Shugart
  2. Meltdown training by Don Alessi
  3. Renegade rope training by coach John Davies
  4. Revenge of the nerds by TC
  5. The beast evolves by Christian Thibaudeau
  6. I couldn’t leave these out, even though you said to keep it under 5: ABBH and GPP ASAP by Chad Waterbury

got to be

Merry Chrismas bob

The first T-mag thing i ever read, and it inspired me to train, and train like a T-man.

  1. Most Hated Man In Bodybuilding
  2. Merry Christmas Bob
  3. Really enjoy all of the exercises you’ve never tried articles
  4. The Ultimate diet pill from way back in 98
  5. Ab training for athletes and babe hounds…

no specific order:

1- ABBH - Chad Waterbury - It’s been one inspirational article that opened my eyes on a whole new way of training.

2- Nobody move! - Dr. Lonnie Lowery - Just read it and you will quickly realize!

3- The training quiz for smartasses - Christian Thibaudeau - The way CT explains things is pure gold.

4- The next big 3 program - Chad Waterbury - This has to be the best program ever for those who are short on time and/or in season.

5- The mutation serie - Christian Thibaudeau - Don’t even ask why !!!

I’m sorry, but I screwed up my list. My favorite t-nation article is the education of a power lifter, parts 1 and 2, which for some unknown reason, bring tears to my eyes every time I read them…

Of course, you have all forgotten
“What they are Really Saying” by Chris Shugart. it was in early 2003