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Your Favorite Sub?


Personally mine is from Subway, footlong double stacked subway club on whole wheat with:


Cheesesteak, with provolone cheese, green peppers, and fried onions.

NOT from Subway.


double turkey on wheat with the middle pulled out
provolone cheese
lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, green pepper, banana pepper, olives
oil and vinegar mustard
salt and pepper


Steak n Cheese, double meat, double cheese (they usually make that triple cheese) with
red onions
green peppers
and some spicy mexican southwest sauce.
On cheese oregano bread.


From Mr. Sub., because Subway doesn't have mushrooms. LOL

Grilled Chicken with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and some ranch/mayonnaise.


you guys are making me fucking hungry!

Cheese steak sup from the little korean shop in my bldg

black pepper
pickled green hot peppers

cheddar sun chips to go with it!


From Subway, meatball sub with American cheese, no veggies, and only parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

From La Pizza Rina - the Supersub http://www.cheapplacestoeatinoahuhawaii.com/foodblog/2008/04/01/la-pizza-rina-2/

From Quiznos, the large Prime rib cheese steak and the black angus steak.


Hahahaha this Quizno's commercial is soooooo jokes:


Subway Double Stacked footlong club, on honet oat bread.

Banana Peppers
Black Pepper
Sweet onion sauce
Yellow mustard

Good for either two normal meals or one big one.


I like Jimmy John's for some reason. They really only have one type of sandwich, just with different ingredients, but at Subway everything always seems to end up tasting the same. I guess I don't like choosing my own toppings.


Why is it that mostly '09's are posting to this thread?


you get the garg? i love me some garg


Subway is shit. How is anyone putting that as your favorite sub?

Jersey Mike's is probably hands down the best sandwich shop. Fresh sliced meat and cheese as you order, fresh bread, fresh toppings.. mini (4"), regular (7"), and giant (14"). They cook the roast there themselves..medium rare.. yum. Cold subs, hot subs, wraps..

Then a Jimmy Johns #10 (1/4lb med rare roast beef w/ provolone, no mayo on French)


At subway, I get one of their footlongs, take off half the bread, and smash the rest together into a super-6-inch. It feels like a LOT of sandwich.

A good cheesesteak from, well, anywhere, is pretty awesome.

at Claim Jumper restaurants they have a Mother Lode sandwich (not always on menu but you can ask for it). It's a triple decker and basically a half pound of ham, half pound of turkey, and half pound of sirloin. It's so tall it's nearly imossible to mechanically eat.


Quiznos black angus.....amazing!!!!!


Thanksgiving Day Sub from Papa's Bar and Grill on Highland Ave in Malden MA.

REAL turkey
cranberry sauce
in a huge sub with steak fries on the side
all drowned in gravy

mmmmmmmmmmmm gravy

Available on every Thursday and only like 7 bucks


There is a place in town called PJ's that has something like this. It is fucking great.

BTW why does this thread exist?


subway sucks.

Quiznos is decent.

turkey/cheese, toasted


There's a place in my town called Arthurs. They have a 9" sub called the "work of art" piled high with beef, turkey, ham, swiss, cheddar and swiss. You can get it on whole wheat with any amount of toppings for 6 bucks...Its the shit.


Bout time somebody mentioned the Firehouse! All theirs are great, but the hook & ladder is probably the best!