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Your favorite steroid stack

I want to hear what has been everyone’s absolute favorite steroid stack/cycle and why. What has been the most effective for you?

test cypionate, sostenon, and deca was my best cycle ever. test cypionate is powerful stuff… by far the best bang for the buck, imo.

Did you lose a lot of hair on that cycle jon?

For a 2-component stack, trenbolone acetate
plus Nandrosol. Neither aromatizes, results
are excellent, best I’ve ever had except back when I tried using GH and insulin (did that for only a short while.)

For 3-component, TA plus Anadrol plus Winstrol. Same reasons, and in this usage Anadrol is mild with regard to side effects. I would like to try the same thing but with Nandrosol not Anadrol, which gives the advantage of avoiding the 17-alkylation and may give same results, but have not had the Winstrol to try it with.

The first one. If it’s your first cycle and you really eat enough, it’s possibly the only one you’ll keep most of the gains on. My first was plain old anabol tabs (D-bol from Thailand) and even though I didn’t go very high with the dosages and only kept it up for about 13 weeks, I gained 30 pounds and kept 25. The only problem was the stretch marks which I still have today. After that I laid off for a few months and tried a lot of different stacks but never got the effect of my first simple cycle. It eventually got too expensive and I was getting a puffy look and a sore ass so I stopped. I’m 5’6" and started at 155. I’m about 185 now and pretty comfortable with it. I’ve been off for over four years now and still have that extra 25 plus a few more from just smart eating. I’m really thinking about trying out another short cycle to see if I can get the first time effect again since I’ve been off for so long. Anyone know if this will work? I kind of dream of that 200 lb barrier even though at my hight I’d probably look a bit funny. My biggest was 195 and my wife said I looked like a walking cube. Just my ego asking for the big 200.

Sorry DJ - I don’t have a favorite stack … YET. I am interested if Bill is going to lay out his TA and Nandrosol protocol that gave him the best results yet! I am planning something similar soon and crave more info!

Bill - did you combine those on a 2on/4off type schedule or another regime? what sort of dosages did you use? what sort of results?

When I’d tried out a few cycles around 2 years ago, I’d have to say my favorite was sostenon with deca - I ate like a horse ad managed to go from 214 to 238 in 6 weeks (though I did put on a bit of fat and looked bloated from all the water retention) I’d say that it would have been even better if I’d done 75mg trenbolone each day, but I didn’t discover that little gem until a few months later (although it made me as impotent as a Nevada boxing commissioner, to say the least - I couldn’t maintain an erection on fina to save my life!)
So, that’s my choice for a favorite.