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Your Favorite Stacks


for fat loss:-
we all know that EC is the ultimate stack, but ephedrine is illegal, so my second favorite stacks are:
1)fish oil(2g)+CLA(2g): 3 times\day with my meals.
2)Caffeine(200mg)+Green tea extract: 2 times\day before my workouts(morning and evening)

for general health:-
1)Vitamin C(500mg)+Vitamin d(1000iu)+Vitamin B-complex(100mg): 4 times throughout the day

for bulking:-
this is not a stack, its my favorite post workout recipe:
1 liter of whole milk+4 raw egg yolks+25g whey protein+5g creatine+scoop of ice cream=Blend and Enjoy

what are your favorite stacks?


Those aren't stacks, those are just vitamins.

What do you do with the egg whites?


Where do you live? Ephedrine in Canada is sold as an "oral nasal decongestant". It's pretty funny cause it's sold by the sports nutrition companies and its usually sitting on the shelf next to the caffeine....

I have been trying to not go so crazy on the stims recently but when I want a real good kick -

  • 400mg caffeine
  • 16mg ephedrine
  • 2000mg tyrosine
  • 1 cap B-Complex


tmay11, what made you come up with that combo, just experimentation?

I haven't done any research on it in a long time, but back in the early 00's, most research said to have a 10-1 caffeine to ephedrine ratio, though that was considered optimal for fatburning, as opposed to energy boost.

The B-complex I have heard of before, though I don't know if there was any solid research on it. A friend who was a pharmacy student at the time had theorized it would work based on some research with cattle and lean mass. Though if memory serves that was b vitamins and clenbuterol, though Eph and Clen operate similarly.

Typically when I do use it, it's just 200mg caffeine, 24mg ephedrine, and sometimes a B-complex.


i cook the whites and eat them with cheese


Basically yes. As a big big coffee drinker I have a really high tolerance to caffeine, often I will sip on a cup during my workout even after having taken the 400mg. The ephedrine on the other hand I'm pretty sensitive to and find that 24mg is a little too much(jitters/nevous energy/sweating etc..).

B vitamins are commonly found in high dosages in lots of energy drinks (5hour energy and the "niacin flush") and are also used by a lot of people as a study aid/cognition enhancer. Sometimes I take them before school and do notice a subtle "concentration" effect- This is why I include them.