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Your Favorite Split?

My favourite is probably:

Day 1- Legs
Day 2- Chest
Day 3- Back
Day 4- Shoulders
Day 5- Legs and Abs
Day 6- Chest and Shoulders
Day 7- Back and Arms
Day 8- Rest

What is your’s?

I think your split would have me lying in bed after two weeks.

I’m prepping for a show now. Here’s what I do.
My split is:
Day 1: chest, biceps
Day 2: legs
Day 3: abs, intervals, steady state cardio
Day 4: shoulders, triceps
Day 5: back
Day 6: abs, intervals, cardio

Mon: Chest
Tue: Back
Wed: Arms
Thurs: rest
Fri: Legs/abs
Sat: Shoulders

Push, pull, lower, rest, repeat OR pretty much any training split were I’m training 3 on 1 off.

Total body 7 days a week…

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Mon - Push
Tues - Pull
Wed - Off
Thurs - Legs
Fri - Arms/Shoulders
Sat/Sun - off

Not really a split, but:

Monday - military press+assistance
Tuesday - deadlift+assistance
Wednesday - off
Thursday - bench press+assistance
Friday - squat+assistance
Saturday - off
Sunday - off

I fit conditioning in when I can.

That’s a split and sounds good.

It’s the most basic 531 from the first book. I love it, so easy to tweak if I can’t make all four days I can still get most of the work done.

Mon: push press/delts & tris+ loaded carries
(Some upper back in the form of face pulls)

Tues: deadlift/back & bis + loaded carries

Thur: incline bench/chest & tris + loaded carries

Sat: squat/legs + loaded carries

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yeah I love that split too

I’m with you guys. I start the week off with presses because they are the lightest. And it’s natural to hit the upper back with shoulders. Maybe some mid section too, to help stand up straight. This stuff helps my posture, and sets me up for the rest of the week. Plus, every joker in the gym benches Monday, so I can avoid that mess.

Tues, squat

Thur, bench

I deadlift/do “back” Friday, because it’s sort of my favorite, so I’ll never be too tired.

-When I was younger, I loved the full body, H/L/M setup. If I were 19, I’d probably do it this way.

-When I was busted up and out of shape, I did Pull/Push/Legs for awhile. Then I added a second, super half assed Push day. Basically, whatever limited work I could handle. It was natural to turn this into “shoulder day” after awhile.

2 upper and 2 lower body days every 7-10 days with a light(er) day and a heavy day.

I’ll also use full body splits rotating between heavy, light, and power for big movement patterns.

I wish i could do a four or five day split with my job, physical a lot of heat stress i am doing this now, sat shoulders, chest, triceps. Sun legs, posterior chain, traps, abs . Tues back, bicep, side rear delts.

Push pull legs is my favorite, every 3rd workout being lower body seems like a good ratio for me. The optimal number of rest days per week depends on other factors which can vary per person.

I’ve never done a split where I do X workout on monday, etc. Even on a strict schedule I liked to do 6 or 8 day rotations. This has the benefit of rotating your “best” gym days so on your day off from work/school when you have more time and energy your not just doing the same workout as the previous week.