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Your Favorite Shot


I have read the Whiskey thread, and was just thinking what is your favorite alcoholic shot?

I was introduced to Rumple Minze, Vegas Bombs, and Red Headed Sluts recently. All were very delicious.

So, What is your most favorite shot?


I've had a mint one before. No idea what it is, but it's good.


Someone was gonna post it so thought I would :smiley:


^I've never had one of those :frowning:


I've always been a fan of tequila.


Ya, I had 1800 over the weekend. It's very good.


pink pussy.

1 part baja rosa, 1 part peppermint schnapps.


Jello shots


Rumchata - it taste like a cinnamon roll.


oh yeah, at least 3 times per week!


I can tell I'm too drunk when I order fireball shots

any decent rum is good to me


I like pink pussy.


Irish Car Bombs


Kamikaze (vodka, triple sec, lime juice)
Washington apple (crown royal and apple schnapps)
Zen Master (Jagermeister and root beer)-though you will never find root beer at a bar
The mint one was probably rumplemintz or a dirty girlscout.


Might have been an Irish flag??
Anyway I had one, tastes like mint flavoured cream, absolutely insanely delicious!


Liquid Cocaine




Four Horsemen and litterally any of the variety takes on it. Jim Jack Jonny and Jameson. I like knarly shots though.

Worst shot ever is a mexican blowjob. Microwaved tequila and tabasco that you cover in mayo or whipe cream and force the taker to drink it from the counter without their hands. Hardy Har Har....


That makes me want to puke just reading that.


Could be. If I've made it to shots I'm hammered at that point anyway.