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Your Favorite Routine for Wheels?


Hey everyone. First I wasn't about to open this thread, but I'm really curious about your routines, favourites for training legs.

Honestly, standard routine was something like 3 excersise for quads and 2 for hamstrings.
1. squats
2. leg presses
3. leg extensions
4. stiff-leg wide stance deadlifts
5. leg curls

Perhaps it's simplicity was it's strength, nothing fancy, just the needed beginner's stuff. Honestly, after 1.5 years training I experienced with DC for about a month, and managed to fatigue-drain myself completely. :smiley: Stupid young guy finally learnt that Dante's warn about the toughness of his program was just a simple good advice for someone like me, to be patient.

I always liked to train my legs, I especially enjoy it with slow-strict form training (sometimes I got lured by the heavy-ass weights and do sometinh like 3/4 reps, but my knees always take it hard, so I stick to the ATG form at 99% of the time)

I wonder how you guys like to train your wheels. If anyone argues that front-squats are just as effective mass builders as back squats. Or if there are those who keep it simple and only train theri legs with squats.

I'm looking forward to the responses, can't wait to learn a bit more about your leg routines...


Monday-Leg Press, Hack Squat, Extensions
Thursday-Leg press, SLDL, ham curls


Day1: Squat, Leg press, calves, roman chair abs
Day2: bench & accessory
Day3: off
Day4: Deadlift, Back raise, calves, roman chair abs
Day5: military press & accessory
Day6: off

For 3ish months I just worked up to a max set of 3-5 reps on squat/deadlift, past 2 months i've been doing a 5/3/1 routine.

For leg press and back raise I just ramp up over 4-5 sets to a top set of however many reps (6-15)

Put 7" on my thighs in 6 months (20" to 27")

Squat went from 50kg x 10 to 130kg x 10
Deadlift went from 60kg x 5 to 140kg x 5
Leg press (cybex) went from 4 plates x 12 to 12 plates for 12

My upper body results aren't quite as good. Might add in another day for it.


mine is very similiar
Monday-Front Squat, Single Leg Press, Extensions
Thursday-Leg press, DB SLDL, ham curls
Just started DB lunges and am liking them so far.


20-Rep Squat Program


Widowmakers incorporated into your routine.


Hm I see. So, frequency is higher while total work is less. Also noticed in Waylander's, Goodfellow's and browndisaster's routine that you literally have two days for legs per week, one of them is quad and the other is hamsting dominant (by the excersises).

I personally feel that my hams are a bit more developed now, than my quads, as I can deadlift 165 kg for 5 reps, while my squat is something like 130*5. Or is it because my strong back. Probably a two days per week, similar to what you guys written before will be more optimal for balanced results and bringing up my squat.


SSC, those are great (WMs). Like you would want to rack the bar after the 11th rep, but you continue, after the 14-15th rep you have to stop for 2-3 deep breaths at the top, if you are about to proceed. Something tortorous.


I wouldn't train legs twice a week like this but my main goal is strength in the squat and deadlift, as a 'side effect' my legs have gained size very quickly and they are covered in stretch marks.

If I had the genetics to train 6x a week and hit my other bodyparts 2x a week it would be great, but I don't..

I'm trying to figure out how to hit my upper body with a similar frequency so it can catch up.


Mon: Box Squats (ramped/pyramided/whatever), Bulgarian Split Squats (3 x 8-10), Leg Press (1 x 50-100: start at 50, increase by 5 reps each week until I reach 100, then add plates and start over. These make me cry). Then biceps.

Tues: Chest, Calves

Wed: Back

Thurs: GHR (5x5), Hypers, Leg Curl, Triceps

Fri: Shoulders, Calves

Since switching to pyramiding, I've added 50lbs to my squat in the last six weeks. I am enjoying this so far, although my glute/ham day needs work. Going to change something soon, but I don't like RDLs, so I'm looking for something else for the arsenal.


dude your progrss sounds real good.


For the past two months leg day is back squats ramped up to 3-5RM, sumo deads (these are relatively new to me, switching from conventional deads, and hammer my quads) ramped up to 3RM, leg curls.
Leg press (low foot position for quad emphasis) ramped to 3-5RM + 20 repper, RDL ramped to 5RM,

Of the two, I feel that the squat / sumo combo has been more effective at building mass and strength so I do that the majority of the time.


I'm pretty pleased with my 6 month transformation so far... But I am not pleased at my current self considering i'm 20. I fucked around with so much crap I read off the net in the past 2 years

I'll be posting pics etc in another 6 months, should have a 300/400/500 bench/squat/dead by then!


Running steep hills. Favorite, but probably not the most effective.


Just in half-a year? That's progress. Honestly, Ive never seen anyone to do that, not even a beginner. Congrats, keep up the hard work.

My greatest problem with progressing is eating enough.. I'm a bit anorexic, fat-phobic. At least some things what I've learnt here from the Massive Dudes helped me to pack much more meat in just half year than I did before for a whole year. Thanks.


you look like you are missing horizontal and vertical pulling exercises, add those in and your upper body will greatly benefit.


When i get out of rehab I'm giving this a go

looks wicked



Those are in the 'accessory' list. My DB row has gone from 30kg x 6 to 55kg x 15 :), pull ups, lat pulldown and barbell row have similar progress.


I have a love/hate relationship with widowmakers - like them a lot except during the set.