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Your Favorite Prowler


Hi T-Nation,

I'm looking to finally buy a prowler sometime soon and was wondering what the general consensus was on your favorite model be it the econo, prowler2, some kind of tricked out prowler (prowler+ accessories). I appreciate the help


my favorite prowler is the cheap prowler. I got mine from Texas Strength Systems or something like that.


LOL, your looking into it to much......wow marketing of that bloody thing has sent peeps mad, its just a device to push and drag around that you can chuck a heap of weight on.

My advice, get the cheapest and strongest one you can find, so it will last.


Good Save! Thanks a lot, i Had not heard about them


Do you have access to a welder or know a friend that has a welder? You could build your own.


Now that is an awesome set up! No I don't have access nor have a friend who is a welder though I wish I did now.


Thanks, I would say I could build one for you, but only the posts are removable so shipping would still be a lot!


check out www.allamericaniron.com


christian's fitness factory. about 350. delivered with a solid pull harness as well : )


Thanks a lot for the info guys, really appreciate it



Can't kill this one! ELTFitness toughness.


My favorite Prowler?

<---- :slightly_smiling:

This comment will not make any sense if I change my avatar in a few months lol. I have the same T-Nation edition Prowler 2 by EliteFTS as Hip's above. Going to bust it out tomorrow night after work and again with some lifting buddies on Sunday.


And I agree with this. If you have the money, get a Prowler (I think TNation is planning on putting theirs in the online store at some point). But if not, make something on your own like this:


My gym built their own prowler. But yeah, like people said, it's a lot of marketing for a sled with handles. I actually saw a knock off prowler at Dick's Sporting Goods a week ago. Couldn't determine its price, you may want to check there though as it may be cheaper.


I've heard it was $120, but they got so many orders that it's not available until after orders are fulfilled. I believe it's called the Proviction sled


I bought the EFS Econo Prowler when it was on sale. Sturdy and easy to store. Want to get a thick rope for it for some hand over hand work.


Build your own.

Google DIY Tire Sled


First few results should do the trick.

I built my own and I love it.


just finished welding it today..gonna get some spray paint tonight and make it look nice :stuck_out_tongue:


not bad for a free sled (minus paint)..cant wait to test it out


Nice work. Paid a local guy to weld one up for me, need to learn my ass how to weld!