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Your Favorite Most Alpha Inducing Pill?

Just curious what’s your favorite pill (no AAS) that makes you feel most Alpha, with consideration to price.

I’ve tried Fenotest (discontinued) at double dose which worked great. Looking for something new, am currently trying Divanex at 3 pills per day, and seems cheap compared to others. So far OK results but no SUPER-Alpha feelings like on Feno…Maybe I should up my dosage but we’ll see, thanks.

ummmm Alpha Male


Spike makes me want to destroy things. is that what you mean?

Just use proviron.

[quote]Vicomte wrote:


Red Bull gives you wings


Fried Rice

Preperation H anal suppository. While technically not a pill, it’s similar in shape and size.

That’s a fairly “alpha inducing” feeling.

Ace Ventura: Pet detective.


Not Really.

Siberian Ginseng.

Diaper Coupons

Flintstones Children’s Complete Multivitamin Chewable Tablets


rocky mountain oysters

[quote]Stone101 wrote:
Flintstones Children’s Complete Multivitamin Chewable Tablets[/quote]


So there I was at this party, wife beater, jeans, and my gallon of water. Some girl asked me if I wanted a beer, but I was being all alpha talking about my abz and was like “Fuck I’m RIPPPPPPPPPED!” and I said it really loud so everyone could hear me. Then everyone looked at me so I took off my clothes and started posing.

Some other guy was all trying to get in on the action and took his shirt off, talking about all the weight he can curl in squat rack. Not taking any shit, I walk over to him, take out my dick, and piss all over him to prove how alpha I am.

I noticed a line of girls that had formed off to the side as I hit my double biceps pose. There were several small puddles on the floor between their legs so I knew I could have whichever I wanted.

I took a blonde up to the bathroom with me for a blowjob, but my big hairy gorilla hands got in the way and I accidentally ripped her arms off. Not knowing what to do I put my raincoat on and hid under a bed until morning.

When I woke up I noticed someone was taking a shower and I couldn’t stop myself from stranggleing the girl in the shower and then putting on her school girl uniform and dancing around in it while singing the song from Footloose and pretending to be Kevin Bacon.

Yeah, being alpha is the shit.

Red Balls!

That is friggin awesome man.