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Your Favorite Lifting Book


What books have helped you out the most for your lifting and what did they do?
Mine were Starting Strength (form/philosophy) and 531(philosophy).

I'm looking for a top weightlifting book too.


Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel Tsatsouline. Its a collection of articles he's written in a kind of Q and A format along with a couple programs through ought the book. My favorite so far.


Has anyone read Tommy Kono's "Weightlifting, Olympic Style"? Would you recommend it?


Dinosaur Training made a huge impact on me early on in my lifting.


Maximum strength by cressey was the first strength program I ever did, after that I was hooked.


The Development of Physical Strength by Anthony Ditillo made me totally rethink my training.


Book of Methods


I really like "science and practice of strength training" as an educational type book, and CT's "black book" as more of a training book


Supertraining by Mel Siff


Not that much fun to read...

As far as mine goes, probably have to say some of more applicable texts. Thibs theory and methodology is a personal fav, although many on the shelf get re-read every week.


Not an easy read by any means, but that's not why I enjoyed it.


I really liked it, especially the biog section.



Coach's Strength Training Playbook, by Joe Kenn. I have pimped this thing so many times i've lost count.


without a doubt science and practise of strength training by vladimir m. zatsiorsky.
ive read it many times and i learn someting new everytime.
but if your not really interested in the science of strength training its not the book for you.


Wouldn't say I have a "favorite" strictly speaking but Starting Strength is up there.

I would also recommend Delavier's book "Anatomy of Strength Training" (don't laugh - it's convenient to see the muscle group(s) you are working in nice pretty pictures)


Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl, oldschool but still applicable.


The Poliquin principles would have to be my favourite.


WTF seriously, nobody mentions "Practical Programming for Strength Training" by Mark Ripetoe & Lon Kilgore?
Best book I ever read on the topic. Tells you what you NEED to know.

1) "Practical Programming for Strength Training" by Mark Ripetoe & Lon Kilgore
2) "Starting Strength" by Rippetoe and Kilgore
3) "Strong Enough: Thoughts from 30 years of barbell training" by Mark Rippetoe
4) "Super Squats" by Randall Strosen


Old school... "The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not saying its flawless, but great reference for exercises. The actual "programs" I never used, but I did start building my routine with this book as a guide years ago. I've certainly tweaked things over the years but a lot of the foundation is still there.


i have to pick two..

1) supertraining
2) dinosaur training

supertraining is by far the best book i ever read... i've never read the bible, but i'd bet money supertraining is better.

dinosaur training is by far the best book i ever read... after you read that book, you just never act like a pussy ever again.