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Your Favorite Lift?


Just curious, does anybody have a favorite lift out of the big three? My personal favorite is the deadlift. Nothing shows raw power like the deadlift.



Squat! Requires techinical proficiency, strength, guts, and short legs. I've got the last one DOWN!


I am gonna say front squats...just to be different. Or maybe shake weight tricep kickbacks... it's a toss up.


Gotta go with some conventional deads. Front squats come in close 2nd


Squats. Done in briefs. Raw is gay and full gear sucks.


Why are they gay?

  1. Snatch
  2. Deadlift
  3. tie between Stone Lifting or Tire Flipping


Favorite: sumo deadlift
close second(and steadily creeping to 1st): SKWAATS

least favorite: bench press. I SUCK at bench press.


You and me both. Pretty pathetic


It was a joke.

I don't like squatting raw. Simple as that.


Squats. Not even close.



a close second for me would be a heavy olympic squat. I dont do them but they are damn impressive to watch.


conventional deadlift


1.Deadlift <3

That's also the same order of how good I am at each. Surprise.


Whichever lift happens to be going up at the time.


Sumo Deadlift

1) It's my strongest
2) I can amp up a lot more without form breaking down
3) Dropping the weight on the ground scares housewives
4) It's the only lift that's made me see stars, colored spots, black spots, and have tunnel vision
5) Profit


Pin presses with no concentric phase.


anything over the head while standing


Olympic lifting forum?


Curls bro. Duh. Curlz get the gurlz. Tri's get the guyz... so, I also do a lot of kickbacks.


military press = olympic lift?