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Your Favorite Gym?


Just curious where people workout, and how you like it. I know 24 Hour gets dissed, but I enjoy working out there. They have most of the equipment I need, although I would prefer more flat benches. Best of all, I only pay $20/year.

It would be cool to try an old school gym; I haven't even been to a gym with chalk. It's easy to think you're making progress when you are pushing more weight than most of the guys around you, until you realize that it's all about the pool you swim in.


My college gym because it's free.


My High school gym sucked.

I've been working out at a YMCA all my life. Mine is great, they have pretty much any piece of equipment you might need, and all the ones that I need. And what's even better is that I recieve free membership because I work there. The next best gym would probably be the new Gold's Gym, but it's 30 minutes away. And not free.

I'm going to college and at UW Whitewater, they have an amazing weight room from my brief visit there.


I go to golds. There's plenty of big guys there and they're all really friendly and it makes for a good atmosphere to workout in because for the most part everyone there is focused on working out. I don't really use the machines im usually using the free weights and they have plenty of benches, but i would like to see at least one more squat rack there since they only have one.
They have pretty much every machine there, I don't even know how to use half of them lol


I train at the 24 hour fitness gyms and also pay $20 per year. It is o.k. for someone of my lower level of development of course, but I wish they had more Hammer Strength machines.

My favorite gym used to be Gold's Gym on South street because it had the most equipment, especially the Hammer Strength plate loaded ones.


Private powerlifting/strongman warehouse gym. I fucking love it.


2nd. And because it's a hell of a lot nicer than the gym i started in.

Also no one does squats or deadlifts there, so that's a plus too.


My Golds is okay but I've never trained in a gym where I felt like home. I believe this will happen when I reach 300 and enter the halls of Metroflex and shake hands with Dobson.


this wins!

but I like 21st century because its like 20 dollars a month for a bad ass gym


I'm at an LA Fitness right now it's expensive like 45 a month.
It's 24hrs though. There is a huge range of equipment, and it's pretty big.
We even have a couple IFBB pros like Frank Mcgrath. My fav gym so far because
of all the equipment. Although I hate finding the dumbells around the gym,
too many idiots just using them and leaving them everywhere.


Koloseum gym in Fullerton, CA. Lots of big guys, all the equipment I could ever want, DBs to over 200 lbs, 3-4 smiths and 3-4 cages. And it's all got an older hardcore feel to it. It's basically in a giant warehouse, no AC, warehouse doors opened for ventilation. Giant flipping tires, sledge hammers and tires to hit, sled pulling all done out back of the warehouse. No one says shit if you yell to psyche yourself up for a heavy set or grunt like youre about to die on the last rep. I fucking love it.

Oh yeah and it's owned by an IFBB pro an his wife who is also pro figure. Milos and Milamar Sarcev and they are both there training or training people almost every day.


I lift in a Powerhouse gym which is pretty hardcore and it's $20/month (which I thought was cheap as hell). How the hell are you guys getting memberships for $20/year?


At 24 hour fitness, they sometimes have deals where you buy 3 years up front for about $800 to $1000, then only pay $20 per year thereafter. I have been there over 5 years and paid $840 in total so far, which averages to = $14 per month and decreasing as long as I am a member there or 24 hour does not go out of business.


I'm a wee bit jealous.

That is all


I paid $600 up front, and only have to pay $20/year for the rest of my life. Pretty sweet deal, I guess their pricing structure is based on the assumption that most people will flake before working out that many years. And statistically, they're probably right.


Military gym in Iraq. 3 smith machines, one power rack, one squat rack, one Oly pad w/ rubber weights and tons of hammer strength machines too. It's a nice set-up. At times it's insanely crowded. But, good thing I lift at 2am when it's DEAD!


College gym. It's summer so there are never more than two other people in the place.


I go to Fitness First in the UK. It's the only option for me right now £31($50)a month.

My favourite gym would definately be David Lloyd. So much more equipment, no where near as busy. It's like the best chain of gyms in the country and also has tennis courts, pools, basketball courts and other shit I don't give a fuck about. However, it's the most expensive too at about £75 ($122). Obviously so high because of all the extra facilities... That I don't give a fuck about.

So fuck you all and your cheap $20 per month/year gym fees :frowning:

This country is shit.


$30/month...its basically just a whole in a wall...but it has one/two of everything. Plus it has a # combo lock on the door...so you can come/go as you please.


I work out in Supergym. It's a strongman/PLing style gym, complete with strange looking bars, strongman equipment(logs, yokes, stones, tires etc) and of course, really big folk. It's owned by Benedikt Magnusson and his wife and most of the country's strongest people work out there. I love it so far.