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Your Favorite Exercise Book


all right everybody lets hear em, favorite exercise (or related) book(s) and why. i think this can actually help a lot of members out. thanx


Big Beyond Belief III

For doing what it says in the title


Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength by Stoppani. Most practical guide to training programs



The Optimum Nutrition Bible-Patrick Holford
-A great overview of nutritional concepts,theory and foods,I keep referring back to it.It’s not always relevant to eating for bodybuilding,though,but that’s a more specailized area)

The Art Of Expressing The Human Body-Bruce Lee Library
-More related to body sculpting,but still lot’s of good info,training concepts,his training diaries,nutrition notes,more a motivational book though,it’s inspiring reading especially if you have an interest in martial arts or Bruce Lee

The Book Of Muscle-Ian King and Lou Schuler
-Just a damn good,no bullshit,straightforward book with beginner,intermediate and advanced workouts,very good brief overviews of anatomy & physiology,with fantastic illustrations of how your body works and pretty simple eating advice.I’m not suggesting it’s revolutionary or the best book on the market,but a pretty solid book you can get from most good bookstores.I recommend it to clients and gym members of all levels.


Arthur Jones’ Nautilus Bulletin #1

The New H.I.T. by Ellington Darden

Supertrianing by Siff