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Your Favorite Booty Exercises

What are some of your favorite glute accessory movements?

I’ve been looking for some new movements to mix things up. Staples for me have been hip thrusts, cable pull throughs, and hip abductions. Any fun gamechangers to add to the mix?

Front-Foot Elevated Split Squat with a Hip Shift

Set-up for your normal FFESS, but:

  • Keep your weight biased to the inside heel of the lead foot
  • Keep your big toe, knee, groin, belly button and nose vertically aligned
  • Descend vertically only, no forward motion

Usually cooks the glute, medial quads and adductors

I also enjoy suitcase walking lunges, or walking lunges holding only one dumbbell, on one side of the body (changing hands halfway through the set)

Having a hard time visualizing this. Do you have a video?

single leg RDL’s. With a 30lb kettlebell.

hits my glutes directly.

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My ass has been growing a good bit and the only thing I’ve added out of the ordinary was RDL’s and hack squats

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For contest definition I would do the seated abduction machine with relatively light weight for 3 sets of 10, holding the contracted position for 3 seconds to feel the glute burn.

The primary reason I did the abduction machine was to work the stabilizing muscles in my hips to minimize the periodic injuries that I got doing heavy squats. I focused on training the tensor fasciae latae, particularly in the seated flexed position (bottom of the squat). The focus was on stabilization, and not hypertrophy.

And through that exercise, by accident, I discovered that at the contracted position my glutes would burn.

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Same but all I added was donuts.

I like stiff leg dead lifts from a deficit

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I have a big ass and I don’t do much besides squat, jump, sprint and occasionally lunge

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Lately I’ve been enjoying reverse hypers, but not many gyms have that equipment.

Shame the Hockey player with the massive ass isn’t around anymore. He’s feel so welcomed here