Your Favorite Biotest Product?

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while: What is your favorite Biotest product/sup. and why? I figure there will be a lot of Mag- 10’er’s, so if it is your favorite, add a runner-up as well. Personally, my favorite Biotest supplement is Low-Carb Grow! I’ve been using this stuff for over a year and I’m still amazed by the awesome taste! In addition, I know it’s quality protein. Without it, my diet would be much more difficult having to gulp down some other crap. So, let’s hear it T-men and women!

Original Grow (in the packets) was my favorite until they discontinued it. Other than that, Surge has been a favorite since the beginning.

The “one, two” Biotest punch: Surge and Grow!

Too tough to call. I dont think I would have ever broken the 200 lb barrier without the Biotest androgen-type supplements: Androsol, MAG-10, and 4-AD-EC. They literally kept me off of steroids, which I was about to try before Androsol came out. And MAG-10 is even better. So Im going with the roid subsitutes.

Well, I can’t use Mag-10 so my fave is Methoxy-7. I can’t wait to try the bars though. Have already ordered three boxes for the hubby and myself!

I would have to say as far as must-have and most-delicious would have to be Surge.

Nate Dogg: I just found a place that had a few boxes of the old Grow!, I snatched one of those up so quick he probably thought I was going to run out the door w/ it. :wink:

Androsol with a little fina my absolute favorite

The original T-2 formula was amazing.

Surge is my favorite. I love the taste and it’s a must have in nutrition program!

Without question, Mag-10 is the best supplement ever as far as gaining muscle FAST.
My next fave would probably be the Tribex/M combo.

Steve i want to pick up a few boxes of bars, but at 33 bucks a box i just cant afford it, i mean i know they are the highest quality but 33 is quite steep…sooo it brings me to my question of how much did you spend on the bars at the shop?

No no man, I bought the OLD Grow! The kind that came in packets. Yeah I would like to find the bars cheaper, though, but doubt I’ll have any luck w/ that.

i like the 100% soy pops. hehe powerdrive and mag-10 (havent used it yet, but definetly plan too. ive witnessed the results on others.)

Tribex for me. I respond so well to it and it makes me feel like a T-man.
Runner up I like power drive.

I have said this before – I’m not one to suck Biotest cock, and I’m still dubious about Myostat. However, I’ll give you my favorites in order of discovery – 2 years ago – Tribex…1 year ago – Mag 10 (WOW WOW WOW!!!)…one week ago – Power Surge. I thought you guys might have been seriously bullshitting about that one, but I broke down and bought a bottle when it was for sale in a local Nutra-Sport. Best single smart drug-type product on the common open market. I could outperform it if I carefully stacked a series of nootropics, but in terms of one single product, it’s without doubt the best. A must-have for ANY college student…I think I would have graduated Magna cum laude if I had this stuff 4 years ago…

You lucky bastard! Consider it a blessing in disguise. If I found the old Grow, I would have bought it up with the quickness. I’ve been using Labrada Low Carb Lean Body packs ever since Grow disappeared. Oh well. What can you do? If “Classic” Grow comes back, I’ll be all over it. I’d buy the Grow bars (the samples were great), but they are way too pricey. Maybe in a month or two, they won’t be as expensive at dpsnutrition and netrition.

From those that I take on a regular basis, it would be Tribex + M stack. When I go on a steroid cycle, MAG-10 stacks well with winstrol. Methoxy is great for keeping muscle after the cycle and for dieting (stacked with MAG-10). If I had to pick just one product it would be Tribex (I am in early 30’s so I need some help with keeping up T levels). IMHO all protein supplements are a waste of time and money, nothing is better than the real food.

Nick, I don’t think anybody’s disputing that real food is probably best, but to say that protein supplements are a waste of time and money is just ignorant. Do you have a job that precludes you from taking breaks to sit down and eat? Do you have periods of time where preparing lots of food is just not feasible? Lots of us do. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Original Grow!, Surge and 4AD-EC. I have been an 4AD for 5 weeks without telling my girl. The last two weeks she keeps asking me if I am taking anything different lately because I am much bigger than I was a few months ago. That’s what I am talking about!!! Herc

Tough call between Grow and Tribex. Grow just tastes so damn good and Tribex just works so damn well…