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Your Favorite Articles Here


Hello guys. I have a question for you all.

If you were to choose a few of what that is, in your opinion, the best articles here on T-Nation. The most pleasant to read, the best written, or the most interesting articles, which ones would you place on the top?

Feel free to add links too!



Berardi's Top 10 Tips is one of my favorite articles in terms of training because of it's simplicity.



Screw You.



Question of Strength by Poliquin. I've read too many bodybuilding magazines, books, and websites over the years and his column always teaches me something new every month. And the guy is funny as hell.


I definitely like that one too, I got it bookmarked and all.


Merry Christmas Bob. Simply the most inspirational T-Nation article ever.





I love Chris Shugart's "Set Yourself on Fire."


I'm a laid back person, so from time to time I need a good kick in the pants. When I'm feeling lazy, I go read this bad boy.


It's definitely a classic.

Vision Quest is also a great one, on the same subject:


What the hell is going on in your avatar?



FFB Handbook, by Chris Shugart

Tough love for Former Fat Boys.


I really liked the 50 tips for serious athletes:


and 50 more tips for serious athletes:



I always liked "It's sabotage!"


It is basically an article about people sabotaging your goals, trying to bring you down
to mediocrity.