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Your Favorite and Least Favorite Article Authors

Post yours with your reason

Dani Shugart for the recipes.

Johnny Bowden for the science and aliment approach to nutrition.

Christian Thibaudeau for the sound training principles and methods

Less favorite:
Paul Carter, comes off to me as someone who wants to be seen as “hardcore” and the “real deal”

Mike Sheridan, for the worst piece of trash article I have ever read: why vegans suck at science.

By the way great site, I have been reading it for a while now, grateful for all the information over the years.


Jim Wendler- no bullshit, great writing style, appeals to the common man just wanting to train to be a better dude. Always enjoy reading a Wendler article. Always. Great music posts too!

Tim Henriques- I’ve always been able to use the knowledge from this author. My favorite article on diet was written by this guy. His training articles are extremely useful as well.

Bret Contreras- simple, informative, low-bias, well written articles.

Honorable Mentions: Ben Bruno, Joe DeFranco

Least Favorites:

Paul Carter- Much as the same reason as written above. Makes it hard to take serious and get through. I can see it appealing to really young guys though.

John Rusin- It seemed every article I read by him he was describing the exact opposite experience that I’ve had in my 10 years of training. I simply have never found anything useful from the articles that I have read.

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This is a tough one…

I actually like Carter, but I read more of his stuff on Facebook than here.

Otherwise, I basically agree with the above. Dani’s recipes are killer, Jim is Jim, and CT & Henriques are always good. One other I really like is Nate Miyaki (might have spelled that wrong).

Least favorite: I don’t like the science-heavy articles so whoever writes those…

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Favorite Wendler, Carter, Eric Bach and Dan John
Least favorite, Pick a Shugart, CT and TC. TC’s the worst

Wow, someone bumped an old thread that I guess I missed 2 years ago,…

I’m not gonna rattle off my favs and least favs bc honestly I read very few articles these days, and have pretty strong opinions on those who I actually spend the time reading vs those who I see there name and just roll my eyes and chuckle.

Very curious what others have to say though. I hope this thread picks up steam.


Favorites would be- Ian King, Mike Robertson, Eric Cressy, Christian Thibaudeau, Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, and maybe a few others that I can’t recall at this point.

Not going to choose least favorite. If I haven’t had any use or can’t somehow relate to what they write, I just ignore it.

My two current favourites are:

-John Rusin. I’m an anatomy geek and he’s the only guy right now throwing out shit like that. Used to be you had guys like Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson doing articles about the rotator cuff and shit like that, which I loved, but these days Dr. Rusin’s taken over from them.

-Paul Carter. The only unashamed bodybuilding content, currently. I also really like his writing style.

There’s a lot of authors whose articles I used to read that I don’t really bother with now. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with the content, just that it’s not really a message that resonates with me. Take Dan John for example - the dude’s awesome and I love how he writes, but after the 400th article saying all you need to do is squat, deadlift, overhead press and farmer’s walk, I’m just a bit over it.

I’m not so into the new school of authors either, to be honest. I don’t even know names but I’ve glanced at articles telling me things like “dumbbell bench with your ass off a bench” for some reason, or “do lateral raises holding the dumbbell at the top for awesome shoulder and grip gainz.” I mean, maybe, I guess, but it just seems like an inefficient way to do tried and tested exercises that’ve stood the test of time and don’t really need to be improved. As much as I love this site, it’s honestly quite surprising to me that they’d pay authors to put out filler like that.

Could I get in on that? I’ll happily write an article saying you should do dumbbell curls with a resistance band connecting your wrist to the support of a squat rack. You’ll blast the biceps while strengthening your core and rotator cuff, bromosexuals. Pay me money now please.

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Dan John
Jim Wendler
Glenn Pendlay

I don’t dislike any of the other authors but 90% of the content of the others I have no interest in. But those 3 guys seem to appeal to my personality. I especially like Dan John’s philosophy on training.