Your Favorite 30-10-30 Exercises?

Dr Darden / Forum members,

Please name your favourite 30-10-30 excercises!

Which ones are the best of the best, in your opinion? I am looking for variation, especially on back and triceps, too make training more varied and interesting over time. Have you tried any odd suggestions/substitutions? Anyone tried single arm/leg excercises? Surprises?

My top three so far:

  1. Dumbbell squat (superior feel and reach)
  2. Machine chest press (better leverage than barbell)
  3. Preachercurl bicep machine (a no cheat great stretch solution)

At the moment I can tell you Scott presses are one of my favorite delt exercises yet I find them very difficult to do with 30 10 30.?

Seated Leg Curl

Goblet squats with a dumbbell. Biceps curl and skull crusher triceps extension with no rest between the two. I’ve seen visible changes in my upper arms after 3 workouts.

Dumbell flys, Barbell curls, Leg extensions.

Nautilus leg extension
Leg press
Nautilus chest press
Nautilus pullover
Nautilus shoulder press
Hammer strength bicep curl
Hammer strength triceps ext
Nautilus ab crunch

Are all my favorites, lol

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It would be nice to have someone(s) to pull the weight off of me at the end of the last 30 seconds.

Right now!

My refurbished Nautilus Next Generation Abdominal machine done 30/10/30 immediately followed by my Nautilus pullover done 30/10/30.



I use a horizontal leg press, no weight on me at all

Question: When doing DB squats - do you ever do them with DB’s held on shoulders or always down to the sides? I put them on my shoulders - my arms hanging seems more awkward to me. I don’t know if there’s any real difference in results…

Do them either way.

great question

  1. Pullover, BY A LONGSHOT
  2. Neutral grip shoulder press
  3. Leg curl

Least favorite

  1. triceps ext overhead, range of motion
  2. Anything abs