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Your Fav Speed Day Setups?

Well, been doin specific DE speed days every week for about 6 weeks now and pretty much shocked at how much my strength and explosiveness has gone up.

Curious to hear from experienced westsiders that have tried many different speed day setups what their faves are that I should try.



Meant # of sets for the speed work(doing 9x3now)feeling like I wana do more cause speed work is the most fun iv had in a while, something about the explosive fast pace I love.
Changes using accomodating resistance(im following a WSBB written progression of band resistance adjustments week to week, 3 week waves) Thinking of adding another 3 sets and making it 12x3 with an extra band choked on sets 9-12 for a gradual workload increase
Assistance work preferences, what after experimentation seemed to help most?

bands eat my shoulders, so i cant use em but twice at maximum.

but chains are awesome for speed days.

my fav is floorpress against my 145lbs of chains.

usually do 8x3 , wide grip and comp grip only.
only taking 30seconds for rest.

I like combining chains and bands. It’s basically a compromise between the two.

I’m now experimenting with ballistic bench press in the smith machine and jump squats. I have no idea how that will go.

Accumulation weeks are they best. For bench:

45%+Minis, 15 sets of three as fast as I can. The following week, ill try to do at least 16 sets in a shorter amount of time. Ill do the same thing, only using chains. Ive also done this with Floor Press rather than the flat bench.