Your fav cologne?

I was wondering…

Guys…what is your fav cologne?
Women…What cologne do u like on guys?

This is just your personal opinions. Don’t fight!:wink:

drakkar noir

The hotties seem to melt after a wiff of me and my Aqua di Gio (Armani), Cool Water (Davidoff) or Romance (Ralf Lauren).

I usually don’t wear any, but my wife’s favorite is Drakkar (I think that’s how it’s spelled). Closest thing in the world to an aphrodesiac for her.

Dolce Gabana has worked wonders… hehe


Before I posted this,I was looking for Drakkar Noir online!I wanna try using it…

Ok,bring on more posts!I love feedback and opinions and seeing what ppl personally prefer.

None. Cologne irritates the hell out of my nose and throat. But women seem to really like Drakkar Noir and Cool Water on other guys. Whatever you do, though, don’t slather it on heavy. This goes for women, too. Too much of that stuff is as bad as cigarrette smoke.

Drakkar??? You’ve got to be kidding me? I didn’t think anyone liked that anymore. I used to wear that in high school. And if I were to ask a woman if she liked that now, she would say no!

I’ve gotten many compliments on Escape and Boss. Those are the only two I like and will wear. Also, it does depend on your own phermones. As each person can make a certain scent smell different. For me, Escape is definitely the best. Boss has a much lighter smell, so people have to get much closer to notice it on me! :wink:

I agree Nate - I thought Drakkar went out awhile ago. I wear Abercrombie & Fitch now - I guess my wife likes it.

Burberry, allure for men, Romance, Safari, and Pleasures.

Curve for men by liz claiborne…i seem to get alot of compliments

Okay here it goes:

Drakkar: are you kidding? Sorry but Nate was right, except I thought that stuff was good back when I was in, what, 7th grade? (oh yeah I’m 23 so that was 10 yrs ago).

Curve by Liz Claiborne: Very nice, ladies seem to like it alot on me.

Mambo, also by Claiborne: another nice one, fairly new.

Aqua di Gio: Whoever said this was good is right, it smells great and ladies like it as long as you don’t overdo it.

Coolwater: Who do you think you are, Snoop Dawg? Again this was popular about 7 years ago.

Joop!: Okay, this was decent about 7 yrs ago too but it seemed to be heavily over-used by many of my black friends. I’m not being racist but you would get fun of wearing that stuff if you are a whiteboy.

Candies: nice, a little sweet. My girlfriend works for Claiborne and she gives me all the stuff for free, but I would think this is the #3 fragrance by them (Candies is owned by Claiborne).

Hugo Boss: Also very nice, don’t overdo it cuz you will stink like you just took a French Shower. Also it is kinda pricey, but thats just my opinion.

Good ol’ Jovan Musk always gets me good comments.

Favorite Cologne? Germany

I guess Michelle, along with most of my friends, are just tragically unhip. I swear a lot of women like the dreaded oh-so-five-years ago colognes. But what do I know-I’m still waiting for them to bring back the A-Team.

hey what can i say? i’m a child of the 80’s grin i have smelled drakkar on men and gagged though. it definately has to ‘mesh’ with someone’s body chemistry to work. i like cool water and bucheron (sp) also, but on the ‘right’ guy drakkar is IT

Don’t forget Knight Rider and Macguyver.

Romance for something muskier/heavier. Aqua di
Gio for something lighter. I like both of
these, and so do most women I’ve gone out
with. I had an ex who wanted me to wear
Emporio, but I swear that stuff smells like
old ladies perfume. Funny, I haven’t heard
Drakkar mentioned for 12 years. Do a lot of
people still like that?

Curve for men, Joop, and CK1

Demo Dick, along with the A-team, how about the Transformers and GI Joe? hehehe. You know what, when I wore Drakkar (9th and 10th grade), it was already old! Man, that’s like wearing Old Spice or Brut! LOL! My Escape and Boss are the shiznitz! I’ve had Curve as well, but didn’t like it. My brother loves Curve, and it works for him.