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Your Experiences with Time Under Load and 30-30-30 and 30-10-30 Exercise Protocols

If I recall, in one of your writings, you knew/had a client that did well doing about 4 reps per exercise. In your experience, is there an “ideal” TUL for a person’s various muscles? If one can isolate a particular muscle group with an appropriate exercise, then might it be possible to determine an ideal TUL for that muscle? But then if a multi-joint/multi-muscle-group exercise is used, determining that ideal might not be too easy to determine if at all?

So how might a particular muscle’s TUL affect one’s use of 30-30-30 and/or 30-10-30, or modifications thereof? I’ve been experimenting with both in the last several months with different muscle groups and single-joint and multiple joint exercises.

Those answers need to be tried, tested, and better understood.