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Your Experiences with Testicular Atrophy?

Hey everyone I am on a 500MG a week Test E cycle. Just wondering how much shrinkage you guys have encountered. I do not want to take HCG due to possible permanent receptor downregulation. I started noticing shrinkage as soon as 2.5 weeks in. I am starting week 5 soon and my testicles have shrunk by 50%. Whenever I ejaculate my testicles go inside my body cavity. I know they will come back after PCT but I have never encountered this much atrophy during cycle. First cycle was deca then EQ/test. I always thought I was immune to the shrinkage but apparently not. Can y’all respond with approximate percentages and how long it took to regain. Thank you.

The down regulation happens on very high doses of HCG over long periods of time, down regulation doesn’t happen at reasonable doses.

What systemlord said, and almost everyone on AAS or TRT reports testicular atrophy, but few quantify how much. Par for the course.

Mine go from plums to prunes. No worries they snap back

I don’t mind the shrinkage, mine is about 30% with no HCG. I don’t mind the pulling up tight against my body. Its the 24/7 dull ache that bugs me. My shrinkage was reduced to about 20% on 800iu of HCG per week but the dull ache is still there when blasting. When I’m crusing at 90-120/wk there is no pain and my boys swing correctly.