Your Experiences With Spike?

Wondering what peoples’ experiences have been with Spike?

Yesterday, I purchased and tried my first does of Spike. I tried one pill and didn’t feel anything…but then again I’m an ER nurse and practically immune to caffiene. Today, I’ll take two before training.

BTW, it’s kind of a horse pill, and I drank a ton of water with it for it to go down my esophagus. (Helpful hint)

#2 BTW, I bought it at GNC, and GNC normally sucks, but the salesman there yesterday was decent…what a pleasant surprise!!!

#3 BTW, I looked at all the similar supplements and all except the Biotest stuff had some kind of Soy in them. Hooray for Biotest! My heroes!!!

#4 BTW, lots of Biotest supps there, which wasn’t the case in the past. Which maybe can explain #2 BTW. Hooray for Biotest again!!

My experience with Spike has been pretty good. It’s very subtle, the way it makes you feel. I started out taking 2 at a time and noticed a change within a few hours. It was odd when it hit me because I felt normal, then all of sudden it was like… well, you know how when your on a flight and your ears pop and you have that sort of fuzzy headed feeling, then eventually it clears up? It felt a lot like that except I felt normal then the ‘pop’ and I felt a sense of clarity that’s really only come to me at really intense moments.

Not sure how much sense I’m making here but what I felt wasn’t physical, it was more of a mental clarity and a stronger sense of mind-body connection.

For some people it seems to take a while for it build up. Like it has a cummulative effect in your system. None of the jitters just a clear head and noticable increase in focus and clarity of thought.

I’ve noticed that I smile a whole lot more.

After my workouts at night, I catch myself thinking about cleaning my home (laundry, bathroom, etc.) instead of waiting for the weekend.

A happy energy pill.

Very Positive.

Very Subtle. I actually forget or don’t notice its there, but my workouts have been great since I started taking it. I only use it on lifting days. I would recommend it.

I also drink some green tea in the afternoon and have not had the caffeine jitters or anything from it. I am still able to relax. Its nice to be in control like that.

Apparently I’m a non-responder. Power Drive provides me with a nice, clean focused feeling and enhanced mental energy and it’s cheaper so I don’t feel too bad :-). One warning: Get your water before you pop the pills! I accidently let one dissolve in my mouth once. GOD awful taste!

Let us know how it works for you CD.

After 5 days on Spike my workout went from failure in 3 sets to no failure in 4 sets. I record everything lift so I can see the improvement. I bought Spike for the mental boost it seemed to help. Then I went off of it to use some other supplements. I do maintenance on high tech equipment and found I was losing my edge. I find Spike doesn’t blow your head off it lifts it off and hands it to you to use as needed. One side effect motor mouth.
old guy

Aside from a very slight short term benefit (2-3 hours) of subtly reducing the mental fatigue caused by lack of sleep I’ve noticed no positive effect. My wife had no benefits whatsoever from Spike.

I take one pill sometimes before training.

I get the mental clarity/ mood boost less than a quarter hour after taking it, even if I’ve just eaten breakfast. The boost is not dramatic or obtrusive (unlike caffeine), but the change in the level of psych I can reach in the gym or anywhere else if I embrace it is.

If you respond this well, take it easy in the gym; Spike makes it possible to psych up for a bunch of lifts in a row, but this will leave you extremely burnt-out when you’re done. Better to keep it in the bank for an important lift; I try not to get psyched up at all any more, unless I need it. I kind of prefer Power Drive for workouts that involve heavier olympic lifts, because it provides a strength boost without too much psych.

I’ve used it in two arenas with positive results.

Studying / Memorization - Find this works great for studying. I actually stopped taking my Rx Strattera and now only use Spike or Power Drive. I don’t do this everyday though as I like the novelty of taking the Spike. I noticed increased benefits taking at the time of studying and at the time of the recall. So 1 study night and 1 at test time.

Additionally, I notice that 1 is better than 2 for studying.

Training / Competition - It is unbelievable for any type of training activity. I use it outside the weight room specifically on my runs. I can actually say that I noticed benefits beyond that of simply a better training experience. My paces are increased and my cadences are much more in tempoed. In fact I notice such a difference that I don’t use it as much so that I can still get that nice jolt come competition time :).

I notice that 1 works great for training and lower intensity / longer duration activity. Long runs / Cycling

2 works great for short burst intense activity. Sprint Runs / Sprint Cycling

I keep it as a novelty item with specific times I use it. Another time I love to use it, is learning a new activity, specifically something more difficult as far as coordination is concerned. When I hit the pool on a day where I know I will be working on my stroke technique, I’ll Spike up because I know that I am more in tune with my body. Definitely increases proprioception.

I was also a non-responder. I tried cycling the product but to no avail. I havent tried Power Drive yet, but wish too as soon as I have the funds.

Goddamn,I wanted to feel that buzz that everyone was talking about so badly!.

BTW, not a a pot shot at Biotest in any way. Loving the Grow! and Surge when I can afford it.

Still, I cant help but wonder why some people respond and others dont.I had personally never used any other types of stimulants apart from caffeine.

I’m also a non-responder.

Week 1: Took one pill before my workouts. No effect.
Week 2: Took two pills before my workouts. No effect.

Week 3: Kept with the pattern… took 3 pills, noticed the increased pulse a bit, which caused me to go to failure in two sets instead of three.

Damn!!! The seventies ruined me!!

Disclaimer: I am extremely sensitive to stimulents.

It works rather nicely for me, but primarily as an enhancer of other things- if I work out then the endorphins are much buzzier; coffee will hit me much harder; feelings of sociability are higher.

If I take two, then I really notice it but I crash rather hard 6 hours later- incredibly tired and needing to sleep. One Spike is a gentle lift and there is no noticable comedown.

Also they make it easier to ride out hangovers.

I’m like you, caffeine does nothing for me! Alternatively, neither do many many other stimulants, including Spike. So i’m a non responder. But my girlfriend took my bottle and is just ecstatic about how well it works for her. Side note: she is extremely sensitive to stimulants.

Minimal for me. About the same as a cup of coffee. But I do keep Spike on hand. It’s a very convenient, very fast-acting pick-me-up for times when I’m really rushed and don’t have time to make and sit down and drink a cup of coffee.

How are you guys judging effectiveness here?

I can get pretty zapped from a red bull but I still wouldn’t compare red bull to Spike.

The whole aww for me is that the physical awareness of the change isn’t jaw dropping but the overall result is.

If you want to be wired go 2-3 route. For me, 1 is a great euphoria.

I notice the effectiveness on comparison more so than on simply sitting there 20 minutes later and judging how I feel.

Honestly, Its just something you have to feel and notice, not judge.

If I am working on no or little sleep, I think Spike is great, one in the morning, and one in the early afternoon. On the days that I have gotten a good night of sleep and taken Spike, I have not noticed much of an effect. Probably the best effect of Spike is that it seems to negate a poor night of sleep. I bought 2 bottles from GNC, and I keep it for those days.

I’ve consistently noticed that it reduces the “energy barrier” involved in starting tasks.

I don’t notice much in the gym, perhaps because I am already energized for that, but at work or around the house, I think it is great.

It helps me be productive instead of procrastinate. Don’t be fooled by a lack of “feeling” it… personally, it’s effects are too subtle for me to “feel”, but added productivity or motivation are certainly very valuable to me.

I certainly do notice a difference in my total productivity on vs off.

One Spike makes me feel good, very alert and even focused. Two makes me want to squat trucks. Great supplement.

I take one and it feels very similar to Power Drive as far as focus during my training.

If I take 2 - I can feel my hair growing.

FYI - Spike is really good at helping you over a hangover. I’ve never had a hangover, but I have friends that know people that have taken Spike the morning after.

One Spike is good for a workout, but it’s a bit hi/miss. I think me being on Paxil interferes with it. I won’t take more than one at a time in fear of an adverse reaction.