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Your Experiences With Side Effects


It seems the more I read actual stories of people who have done cycles, the less I read about incidences of side effects (at least not anything serious). When I first started researching I was pretty freaked out at some of the descriptions on the steroid profiles...bloating, hair loss, acne, bitch tits...I didn't want to turn into a troll.

I'm a lot more serene about it now, but would still like to ask the vets, what have your experiences with side effects been, good or bad?


If your prone to hair loss you may lose your hair, acne is almost always as well as balls shrinking and bitch tits easily avoided with PCT. Pretty much the obvious shit happens but its all treatable, nothing serious to your health if you do it right and are not some 16 year old.


bacne? Or mostly on the face? In my thinking there is a big difference between "acne" per se and an outbreak of some pimples. Which would you categorize it as?


Some of the zit's i get on my back have their own area code, and they are so are to get at, so I use BBQ tongs works great.


Sides to me at least where a non-issue. If you follow directions and do as some of the real vets say, you really have nothing to worry about.