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Your Experiences w/ Unemployment


What's the longest you've been unemployed?

Were you fired from your previous or did you quit?


Why would anybody quit without having a new job lined up?

And 3 weeks. After graduating college.


My longest was one month between my last job and current job. I gave my old job a week notice because I was ready to accept a position at a small telecom company. On the very last day of my old job, my current employer called me up and offered an even better position. The start date was in one month so I figured what the hell, and took the month off.

I was still living at home and had money saved up so it was no big deal.


Two years.

I quit and spent a couple of years traveling through Central and South America.

Good times!


One month.

Fired the company. They suck at not failing.


Man,it depresses me to talk about it:

I was unemployed for almost year and half. I was working for Texas Dept. Criminal Justice...I had a car wreck leaving work(1hour,15min. drive).

I was fired for "no call,no show" because I didn't call in three days in a row. Regardless of the fact,they had notification of me being injured in car wreck. Really couldn't do anything about it because TX is "employment-at-will" state.

Needless to say...I couldn't work because of injury....and then it was pain in ass trying to find work because of my injury and not working for so long. That was lowest point of my life...I had ballooned to 380lbs and was depressed as hell.


Sir, I'd appreciate it if you would leave the sarcasm outside.
Thank you.


5 months. I worked for a small consulting firm that was purchased by a bigger one. They really only wanted the contracts, so we all got laid off. It was the best career move for me as I decided to change career paths. I also ended up netting more money while "unemployed" because of unemployment pay, no commuting costs and I took on a lot of active duty time in the Army Reserves.

In the end, I got a job that has ended up being far more lucrative and personally rewarding than I ever would have had with the consulting firm.



3 weeks. I left a small startup company high and dry without their sole engineer because the owner sucked at teaching and wanted me to cram 5yrs knowledge and experience into 6mo....how? I dunno. Suppository?

Those three weeks were great though, I got to sit down less, rest my back; and beat halo 1 & 2 !! lol. Very dorky and boring but it was winter in upstate....what else did you think I'd do?

Oh, and I lifted my ass off 5x a week.


10 months. Graduated law school, moved to a different state (May), studied for the bar exam (July), passed the bar (October), and then spent a few months hustling interviews, drowning my sorrows in Ben and Jerry's, and tending to my husband's ruptured achilles' tendon.

It was awful.


No sarcasm. A genuine question. Sounds pretty stupid to just up and quit hoping for the best. Would like insight on the logical process.


I was unemployed for about 4 months before I moved from California to Wisconsin. I worked at a little Mexican restaurant where the kitchen burned down. The owner decided to take the insurance money and shut the place down.

I knew I was moving in a few months so I didn't bother looking for a job. I just collected the unemployment.


Sometimes you get an offer for something else that doesn't end up coming out.

Sometimes you leave to start your own business and fail.

Sometimes pride and dignity is more important than your current job.

Sometimes lif just doesn't go the way you plan.


I don't know. I just find it hard to believe people can't plan job security a little tighter. I've never actually heard of an official offer being repealed really.

Starting a business and failing, that makes sense. I wouldn't technically call that unemployed though, just a failed business venture.

I don't understand the pride and dignity logic. It seems to me that toughing out situations to earn your keep would be more prideful than going on unemployment, but that's just me.

Life doesn't go as planned, but quitting with out lining up another job can be avoided by choice.

Getting fired is another story. Anyways, thanks for the explanation, back to the thread.


I was close to quitting my old job without anything new lined up. It was a very abusive environment - throwing books, cussing, yelling, etc. - and the attorneys were extraordinarily incompetent. One of my colleagues quit without something lined up because the stress of work was destroying his marriage and making him second guess his career choice.

Of course, now the bastard makes $60K more annually than I do....


same thing kind of happened to me at this cold storage place.
hurt my hand I was casted for 13 months gained a shit load of weight
I go back to work they tell me,neverind you cant physicaly do your job anymore because of your weight.
union wouldnt back me because it was true I couldnt physicaly be in the boats lumping freight and that was a basic condition of employment.

I end up moving back home with my mom cause I had no choice.
I found great work at pepsi as a fleet mechanic,bot married everything was perfect but then I reinjured the same hand,they fired me cause I didnt call in
I did call but miscommunication screwed me up.
its been over a year now and I am to the point where i have to find a warehouse job even if it breaks my hand again,which it almost did last time.
Ill have to take measures to brace it while working is all,same as I do when I lift

I started an auto shop to get by but its not making enough money to live,the overhead is much too high 2 months behind on my mortage,electric is not even supposed to be on,its horrible I take up my time lifting eating food bank tuna and posting on here. and worrying about fixing my health so I can do the work that I know how to do.
im trying to find work again but also lost my drivers liscense because I allowed my insurance lapse one month and I wasnt able to pay the no ins. ticket so its suspended untill I do pay it.
no money to live no money to pay tickets,hopefully I can spend some jail time and get it handled so I can get out and make 40 dollars an hour again.

only skills I have is lifting heavy stuff in warehouses and working on cars
neither one im allowed to do.
Im doing under the table stuff right now but its rough
working scrap yards when they need it,changing tires on farm equipment that kind of thing.

money has caused me to be alone,I lost everyone around me from the stress.

you guys in school that have had rich parents and people around you to help are so damned lucky.

if your out of work for a month or 2 be glad about that.
people take simple things for granted.
I wish I would not have dropped out of school and I wish I would have traveled around more and gotten more skills than staying in one place for too long.

oh well it is what it is I guess


About 2 months between jobs moving back to Maine from Penn. I put in my 2 weeks knowing that I'd have some down time until the new job was finalized.

I lived off my savings and started up a side business in that down time.


Maybe a month when I was young. In any event, I know of two local circuit court judges that were unable to secure employment for more than a year. One current judge had to live out of his car following law school.
Thank you electorate.


"You've got to be one stupid mother-fucker to get fired on your day off! "



I think the longest was about 3 weeks. I got fired from a great job not long after my fiance and I split up. I was using alot of drugs at the time and some spots on my record coupled with severe depression and a quickly progressing drug habit (and resulting lack of ambition) inhibited my job search.

P.S. Never quit a job before getting another one :slightly_smiling: