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Your experience with superhydratation?

The topic tells it all…
Now spill!;p

Superhydration is wicked good for dieting. It allows you to burn “free” calories (warming up 1 gallon of ice water per day burns approx. 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat/month) and it controlls appetite. Drinking water also gets rid of the dehydration nasties that piss every one off. I have read that all kinds of headaches and such are caused by dehydration.

I have never done this but I am about to start a cutting cycle. Every extra pound burned would be great. I have a question though.
You said warming up ice water burns 3500 cals a month? So All you have to do is drink a gal of cold water a day???
I know I drink that now and I eat a relativly low cal diet.

Ice water may cause your body to use calories to warm it up and that may add up to the number of calories in a pound of fat, but I doubt that you’ll get a pound of fat loss. By that logic, all the folks in cold climates would be ripped.

Hyok, Should you consume less calories than you expend then you would lose weight and therefore the logic of adding the element of the cold water would result in a loss of one pound a month. Peoples of arctic regions consume diets high in calories that maintin their body weights, e.g., Eskimos chewing on whale blubber.

Believe what you will, but I think many studies have shown that it is the hormonal state of your body that is more important in determination of fat storage, not a simple calorie in, calorie out model. If you burn extra calories warming up ice water, I contend that it is made up with increased appetite. You point out Eskimo’s dietary habits, but what about the rest of us? Do we get thinner during the winter? No, in fact many of us get fatter. Is it because the cold weather makes us burn more calories and makes our appetite increase, or is it due to all the holidays during that period? I don’t know. Oh, another thing about Eskimos. I saw a photo in National Geographic (circa 1960) and it showed an Eskimo man bare-chested in his igloo, and he was pretty ripped. Many Russians on the other hand, who also live in cold weather, look pretty chubby. Not necessarily proof that a diet of blubber of does not make you fat, but after years of following a low fat diet and trying a high fat diet recently, I don’t buy that notion of dietary fat going straight to the adipose.