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Your experience with A.R.T.?

Here’s my prob. My two arms (from shoulders to fingers) are quite damaged from various repeated stress injuries (damned computer sciences). I now have an appointment with an ART provider (supposed to be very good since he’s an instructor) but,you know, ART sounds too good to be true. If you ever took that kind of treatment, I’d appreciate a lot if you’d tell me how it was, results, etc.
Thanks a lot guys.

ps. I usually speak french, so I hope it wasnt too ugly to look at.

I had great results with ART. Had both elbows
done. Left rotator cuf and right ham. Well
worth it.

ART can be helpful, but I would’nt say it was a ‘miracle cure’, at least for me. It can definitely help you get back on your feet but the treatment will not necessarily ‘fix’ your problems. Maybe get you 65-75% of the way. Not speaking for anyone else, just my experience.

I injured my right shoulder in May '99. I saw two doc’s (including one from a pro sports team), two, physio’s, and one chiro all of which couldn’t tell me jack shit. “It’s a pec strain” ws my favorite one from the sports med guy, even though I couldn’t abduct my arm past about 30 deg without pain. Anyways, I went to the SWIS conference in Oct '00 where I hooked up with Ken Kinakin who knew exactly what the problem was within about 10 minutes of looking at me. I’m pretty much all fixed up now and in the past four months (after an 18 month layoff from weights) I’m back to lifting hard again and in fact lifting heavier than I was before the injury. Put it this way, if I could have sex with Pamela Anderson or free A.R.T. for life, I’d have to tell Pam not to let the door hit her on the ass on the way out. (Yeah I know I’m full of it but it’s that good)

you should do great! I’ve been a provider three years and the results are incredible. the treatment just makes so much sense when you understand it. I’ve helped people with chronic conditions that have failed everywhere else. Good luck.

I am a skeptic as well. I really do not like the medical profession at all “practice on someone else”… When they get it right they can work on me. I am also a Network Engineer so I know the computer thing. I went to an ART provider in my area and I gotta tell you it feels great to have blood flow again. Damn what a difference it makes. I have had these problems for over 10 years and am just now getting them fixed that is how skeptical I am. I gotta tell you I can move my shoulders and neck again. It is great. You will feel an almost immediate sensation. I got such a blood rush into my hands I thought they were on fire. Go for it at worst you waste a couple bills hell I do that on lame supplements sometimes.

I had my right rotator cuff and right foot plantar fasciaitis looked after. ART is the 8th wonder of the world.