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Your English Sucks


Pardon my French, but your English sucks ass. Please allow me to help.

A lot - This one is semi-acceptable since it is so mainstream now, but lets all try to use the word "many" instead of "a lot". "A lot" is just that, a physical piece of land.

Probably - I know many of you (a lot of you) don't know this, but the word is spelled "P-r-o-b-a-b-l-y". It is NOT "proly", "prolly", "probly" or even "probally". When did this happen? Who started this?

I could care less - This one makes my blood boil. When you hear someone say this, for Gods sake... CORRECT THEM. The phrase is "I COULDN'T care less" not "I COULD care less." If you say it the second(wrong) way, it means that you do in fact care, and you could care less, however the first(proper) way means you don't care AT ALL and you could not care less even if you tried.

You ever notice how when you type a word like "could" 8 or 9 times you start to doubt your spelling? "Is that 'l' suppose to be there...?"


I could care less about what you think of my English. Like a lot of anal retentive types your prolly gay.


Fucken rediculous


anal retentive?



Irregardless and preventative are two of my favorites....


It's not that I'm anal or anything, it's just incredible to me that so many people make these mistakes day-in and day-out when they are so easy to correct. It's all laziness(or ignorance), and as T-men we should strive to acheive higher than that.

Apply this method of thought to every facet of your life and you will see marked improvements. If someone is doing squats the wrong way, help them out. I am trying to do the same with the forums here.




Plus all of these things can't help out the "meathead" image that society pins on people who lift weights. Let's prove them wrong one step at a time.


Your prolly wright.


I learned the 'a lot' thing a long time ago, but I still use it A LOT. Mostly to piss off losers who get angry at bad grammar.


tomakethercentinsesshortr. Ithelps2gettherideaspostdfastr.


Are you the type of guy who walks around the gym just looking for someone to give advice to? "Hey let me show you something." Or, "You want a tip?".


Preach it brother!


It's achieve, achIEve.


No, it's supposed to be there, with a "d".


Glass houses, man. Glass Houses.

\|/ 3Toes


Toob Stake Bugee


I've never given advice to anyone at the gym, nor do I look for people to give it to, I have however had people do it to me...Its annoying.

I can't say that I'm surprised at the type of responses I've gotten, I just thought it might help the image of the board if everyone wrote correctly.

Would Professor X's comments warrant nearly as much respect if he made a typo every third word or had grammar like a 3rd grader?? Prolly not.


Also, can I give a sincere thanks to all that have corrected my spelling errors..I won't make them again.


Good point, it's just there's already been a couple threads like this in the past little while.