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Your Election Prediction

Is Madam President acceptable, or should we just call her President?

If he really had the integrity I hear his sycophants constantly clamor on about, he would have just done this from the get go.

But no, like all Marxists, he needs to cling on to someone else’s system and leech off it in order to survive. And on top of that, have the audacity to belittle to process the party he just joined a couple months ago partakes in as “rigged” and “against him”.

Well no shit it’s against you dipshit, you aren’t a democrat until you need to leech off democrats, then you conveniently are.

The man is a clusterfuck of awful.

On top of that are you aware of Bernie’s position on gun laws? It’s certainly not consistent with the Socialist agenda. But, being the expedient politician that he is as Senator from Vermont where gun laws are very loose he’s a strong believer in the 2nd amendment. So we know he has no real core beliefs, if so he is certainly ready to trade them for votes

Drew, don’t you think Trump will eat into some of those blue states that I mentioned above?

What is “handily”? What do you feel the spread will be?

How in the world am I getting moderated for posting a campaign slogan?


I haven’t thought of specifics to be honest, I just don’t think it will be close.

On the off-chance that the Dems panic and wind up running Bern at the last second, should it be “Comrade President?”

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I’d say the chances of this happening are about as good as Obama going 100% YOLO and letting Biden work the last couple months of his term while he plays golf in the tropics.

They would nominate Biden or something. They are smart enough to know the bernouts will rally behind whatever candidate the dems toss out there.

He would have to win ALL of the states you mention to get to 270 (right at 270, not by a reasonable margin). That is Trump’s perfect scenario. I don’t see that happening. I see it more likely that traditionally red states flip blue, especially after 1v1 debates where the moderators take a few notes out of Chris Wallace’s playbook and show how dumb Trump’s proposals are. Hillary will only have to stand back while he makes a fool of himself.

I wouldn’t be so sure. We are looking at a perfect storm shaping up to pull the nation hard progressive left (like, even more so). The GoP has served up the perfect of candidates. I actually think Bernie does even better than Hillary in beating Trump…

Agree with this part.

I’m the opposite on this one. I think Bernout is the only one Trump can beat, and would by quite a bit.

The old man is grumpy, and would absolutely lose it when Trump dug into him. Bernouts like violence, and would (and likely will) ramp up the riots, oops I mean protests, which will drive all but the hardcore deluded to Trump.

Trump may say outlandish shit, but that is very American, even if it isn’t presidential. Bernie is outlandish, proud of being called a socialist, and his supporters are ultra obnoxious… He can’t even beat Clinton, lol. He doesn’t stand a chance against the GOP machine, which will rally to beat a commie, but will sacrifice Trump to Hilary.

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I just think you’re underestimating just how far left the nation as a whole is, and over estimating just fearful the nation is of a self-proclaimed socialist who’d be limited by the structure of our (divided) government.

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Nah. I mean, look at Trump. He won the GOP nomination, and is essentially a democrat who’s got a “tough” stance on immigration. His gun stance is good in lip service, but if there is another Sandy Hook, he’s banning the living shit out of guns, that much is obvious. He is a Reagan Democrat. That alone shows how left we’ve come.

The reason I think Sanders is too much though is, the pendulum only swings so hard and so fast. You, a religious conservative, are living what is the Punk Rock lifestyle of our current era. We’ve reached peak insanity (reference Obama and Bloomberg telling college kids to stop being massive pussies). Sanders is too much right now.

Plus the old loon is going to publically lose his temper and Trump will just stand there and smile like “this is who you want controlling the button, a man that loses his shit because someone said something mean?”

He’s old, looks old and hunches over the mic. He is no Obama. [quote=“Sloth, post:34, topic:217849”]
and over estimating just fearful the nation is of a self-proclaimed socialist who’d be limited by the structure of our (divided) government.

It’s the riots man. People hear “he’s a socialist” and then watch his supporters riot outside Trump events and likely at the DNC convention? They think gulag man. He wins the nom and the riots intensify.

You’re spot on, Trump was here yesterday and 14 people were arrested for fighting and throwing rocks/bottles at cops and police horses.

I don’t think so, myself. I think they see the riots, and even right-wingers going after each other over Trump, and say “damn, this guy is the complete opposite of a uniter.”

If Trump wins VA, PA, OH, and WI and then sweeps the traditional red states I have the count at 292 (did it quickly) electoral votes and that is without winning Florida which has 29 electoral votes. If he lost Ohio (18) and won Florida he is further ahead. If he won Florida and Ohio but lost VA, PA, and WI he would gain 4 electoral votes which would put him at 296. Did the math quickly if I am off I apologize.

There are more ways for an outsider (even though it’s Trump) to win than a traditional republican because it seems to me that coal states such as the ones pointed out will go against Hillary this year for her various comments on coal workers… And also unions will not turn out as strongly for her. And Trump seems to win over blue collar voters as I said even many democrats.

Hey…just guessing at this point.

Your thoughts?

Edit: Since 1976 Florida has voted R 6 times and D 4 times. Ohio R 5 times D 5 times. So, they are both up for grabs. I was giving Ohio to Trump rather than Florida because he came within 8 points of beating a very popular Governor in the republican primary. But Trump could also take Florida as he defeated a sitting Senator in Marco Rubio (my first choice for President) in their primary.

Right now I predict… I have no damn clue this far out.


The link from my post had a electoral map calculator, makes it much easier. He is a deficit right now, with a very steep hill to climb. He might climb it, but its going to be tough.

Anything at this point is a guess so no real use in getting into it, especially without knowing how the three variables (Bernie, indictment, other third party) play out.

Edit: I think it would be safe to assume you’re biased in his ability to win people over. I’ll only say that not everybody views him as you do (lesser of the two evils).

I’m sure some people see that, yeah. But those are the same type that blame rape victims for dressing like they “are asking for it”.

Trump says dumb shit. That’s it.

These people destroy and riot in response, and then blame the person NOT doing anything wrong…

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