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Your Eating Habits


Hi everyone,
I was wondering what kind of eating habits you follow (more specifically, any kind of program). I just finished with scrawny to brawny and want to try something different. I do like that set-up, but I feel I need slightly more calories and less fat than what I was getting on that program.

I have looked into T-Dawg 2.0 and I'm not sure if I want to try that because it sounds as if it's telling you to eat too little carbs and too little fat to make decent gains. I may have read it wrong, but that was my interpretation. Any help with setting up my own eating routine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Il Don


I eat largely good solid food. Following mainly the seven habits roughly. and eat for my goals that simple. If Im not gianing and thats the goal I eat more.

I think if you dont over complicate things just eat good whole foods for thew most part from varied sources getting enough protein etc and everthing else to meet your goals your golden,

As for T-Dawg 2 great diet works awesome for leaning out and then easy transition to a bulk and teaches good life habits.

Check it out and hell all these something is b ound to help

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T-dawg is a diet. Diets are not for making gains.

If you liked scrawny to brawny but felt you needed more calories, then follow that plan and just eat more. Why make it so complicated?


What you eat plan and simple is your diet the amounts of that are mostly what make the Diet a Diet for gaining, losing, or maintaining.

The T-Dawg 2.0 concepts can EASILY be used or transitioned to a bulking diet by simply raising how much you eat.