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Your Dumbest Cycle

Was having a talk with some guys at the gym the other day about when everyone first started running gear or when they thought they knew a lot but actually knew nothing.
Seems like everyone ran a cycle they either regretted or had no business running as much as they did.

So is there any cycle you look back on like ‘Man i did not need to run that much?’ LOL

Mine would definitely be trying Tren for my 3rd cycle. Ran tren enanthate at 300 mg alongside 500 mg test E. Literally had ZERO side effects from tren (besides night sweats) until I met up with a girl late one night… my prolactin was through the roof… that did not go well.

Had no business running tren then and definitely needed more info on dopamine antagonists like caber LOL

I might be the only one that has ever done things uneducated and hopefully I am, just wanted to see others mistakes too lmao

I’d wager most of us have. Sometimes its just because different compounds affect different people in different ways, so all of this is somewhat of an experiment the first time you try something new.

Tren E has been great for me, but I didn’t have the sexual side effects thankfully.

Very true!!
I’ve actually used tren E again since then, I’ve never ran anything short ester. But I was just unaware of the prolactin related side effects. I knew that technically tren did not convert to estrogen but prolactin levels still activated the estrogen receptors and caused a little gyno and some limp dick too LOL
Just needed to be more familiar with all the related side effects and how to use caber effectively

There’s probably some good tren or chequedrop rage stories out there too. I know I’ve heard some good ones, lol.


When I first started out, somebody told me to take 500mg test and frontload with Dbol. Ok I figured. Researched it and found it to essentially be the gold standard. Wellllll…nobody told me the necessity of an AI, so I looked like a fucking bloated whale 5 weeks in. Thankfully I didn’t get gyno, but I looked awful hahaha.

Bloated whale lol. at least you didn’t get gyno though. I am super sensitive when it comes to that I woulda had bitch tits like crazy if I ran dbol lol