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your dream gym

if money was no object, and your goals were strength/pwer/speed…

what equipment would you fill your gym with?

need some ideas as my gym is doing a re-fit, and we would like to end up with something close to world class facilities when finished

already on the list…

*2 x power racks (already have 1 rack)
*good quality bars (Ivanko/Eleiko)
*lifting platform/s
*some heavy duty benches (ala elitefiness)

  • 2 x triple cable crossover (not my idea)

any other suggestions?

id love a reverse hyper, but no one in oz seems to sell them. I have access to a great fabricator who should be able to build pretty much anything i need

so fire away…


glute-ham raise bench!

I’m not an expert, but here is my take on all that you need at a good gym.

  1. Power racks
  2. Quality bars and plates.
  3. Lifting platforms and bumper plates
  4. Quality benches
  5. High and low cable pulleys
  6. Glute-ham benches
  7. Reverse hypers
  8. Dumbbells
  9. Bands and Chains, boards, etc
  10. Maybe even a hip belt squat
    This is not in any specific order, but this basically is all you need to get bigger, stronger, and faster. sure maybe some things are missing, but these are the main things. I’m sure I forgot a thing or two.


maybe a few various size boxes (from 10’’ up) for squats, step-ups and plyos
I’ll check my list, as trying to open one myself, and come back if find anything missing.
So far, it looks, that falks covered all essentials.


I think a reverse hyper and a glute ham raise along with the “specialty” bars, cambered, safety squat, texas power and so on should be included. Also bands and chains should be essential.

Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Squat Bar, Glute-Ham Raise, T-bar, Heavy Dumbbelle at least to 150lbs.

anybody think a lat pulldown / row cable machine is of value?


Dream gym… You need some odd-lift implements also… thick bars (apollon’s axle), sand bags, maybe a few large stones for lifting.

You MUST have a trap bar, bumper plates, and a few kettlebells also (don’t knock 'em).

I’m trying to think if there are any machines I really like… nah!

1 heavy duty power rack
2 oly bars
800 lbs of assorted plates
1 flatbench /w wide tressel
1 adjustable bench
1 set upgraded powerblocks (for space)
1 ez-curl bar
1 bowflex to hangdry lifting garb and towels


Elieko bar and bumper plates
oly platform + jerk racks
EFS powerrack with full options
safety squat bar
600lbs of metal plates, enough for me for now :slight_smile:
GHR - either Dr squat’s or EFS
Reverse hyper
Impulse inertial machine
Vibration machine
free motion pulley cable machine
flat bench
adjustale incline/decline bench
oly dumbell handles
adjustable pulling boxes
dip rack
pullup bar
Muscle lab bar speed measuring device
jumpstretch dead platform and full set of bands

I don’t want to know. lol

Our gym has just about everything we need: monolift, power racks w/wide bases, buffalo bars, SSBs, cambered bars, fat bars, all necessary benches, bands, chains, reverse hyper, ghr, jumpstretch platform, boxes, boards, DB’s up to 150, tires, stones, sleds, wheelbarrows, log press apparatus, all regular fitness ecrapment, and chalk.

We are missing one thing - Monica Brant in naughty little outfits.


I have read about that “Vibration machine.” Have you seen it actually work for anyone?

By the way my perfect gym would have plenty of room for free weights and also rocks, sand bags and a climbing rope. (Oh, and of course a Chin-up bar).

CoolColJ - What did you use the Vibration machine for? We had one company put one of those in my gym for a month, but nobody could figure out what to use it for other than a good wake-up shake-up in the morning. It was intertaining though to put unsuspecting people on it and turn it on. :slight_smile:

All the suggestions so far are good ones. The db’s though should progress in 2.5 or 1 kg jumps up to about 60 lbs.

Tommy Gun,
You make me sick you lucky fucker!

I have my dream gym it is in my garage…

Maybe I’m showing my age, but does anyone remember those boards with holes in them mounted on the wall.A person would jam pegs in the holes and climb up the wall.We had one at the old YMCA, but I haven’t seen one in years.

I want a huge ass all in one facility:

-A 400 m sprinting track that surrounds a lap pool.
-Power Rings right at the edge of the pool, at all four sides.

  • A rock climbing wall on one of the sides, with all available pulleys/hooks.
  • A field filled with monster truck tires, logs, kegs, sand bags, beat up cars, ropes, medicines up to 200 lbs (even if I have to buy a factory to make them)
  • A mountain path right beside the facility that has several different “levels” where I jump over barrels tossed by a giant ape named Donkey Kong…

Actually, I only really want that last part now that I think of it. Screw the power rack!

Enough space and a good floor for jumping rope.

“Muscle lab bar speed measuring device”

is this what Chris T wrote about using?
does it need a PC handy in order to view the data?

the reason i ask is coz the gym owner was discussing having something similar to this designed and built by an engineering friend of his, but if buying one is cheaper/easier we will prob do that.

and we will prob have a digi video camera or two (and PC) setup for real time movement feedback