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Your doctor said what?

So I am training a client today, and he tells me that his doctor is going to be mad at him. I ask why, and he tells me the doc doesn’t want him to get any bigger (5’10, 205). I ask him why the doc said this, and his reply was “He said that if I stop working out all my muscle will turn to fat”. Jesus, what year is this?

Be glad that you are living in a relatively modern country. In israel doctors are saying all the time…

All the jews here are so smart and so ignorant.

Don’t you like how they sort of encourage it to happen instead of showing real scientific proof? Like the Doc suddenly became a sociologist… fucking retards. Did you “perscribe” your client a different doctor?

I had one doctor explain to me that muscle imbalances were impossible because a bicep curl, for example, works the biceps on the way up and triceps on the way down.

I’m still reeling from the guy who told me deadlifting will only make me powerful, not strong or big. Only pulldowns make your back big.

muscle to fat. funny you say that. I was talking to my cousin on Easter and she said the same thing…what is distubring is she’s an MD. she’s been a doc for a couple years now. couldn’t believe she actually said that.

I think this concept stems from 2 things

i) Many lifters who aren’t especially knowledgable, after they stop lifting maintain hypercaloric diets which ultimately makes them increase their body fat.

ii) We all know that when you stop lifting for a while, the muscle doesn’t maintain it’s rock hard look. Instead it gets a soft, and smooth look to it. People often automatically equate this with fat. What they don’t realize is that the hard look will come back with about 3 weeks of lifting. Whereas, if it were in deed fat, it would take months or years of work to start to see anything respectible again.

Muscle into fat, things like this happen all the time, why just the other day someones heart turned into his spleen.

Once a fool, always a fool. Being an MD only makes it worse. Don’t forget, squats are bad for your knees.

The truth is, no matter whether a person has “Dr.” in front of their name, most sedentary people are clueless about the effects of training. They want to believe that muscular people will only get fat later because it justifies why they are sitting on their ass everyday. I know several doctors, especially those graduating now, who also lift weights. If your doctor is fat as hell, don’t expect to get training advice from him that is effective. They don’t teach bodybuilding in med school.

my doctor asked me for advice about lifting belts (hey, we’re both almost 50 with bad backs ferchrissake!). speaking of doctors, I am going for blood work that will include a test for testosterone. I’d kinda like to see if I can get some T prescribed. THe suggestions in “your doctor, your dealer” for temporarily reducing endogenous T for the blood test are pretty extreme (I can’t drink alcohol anyway). Any other ideas?

in defense of my cousin, and the other doc too…I’m sure they know this isn’t possible. my next line was it’s biologically impossible for that to happen…she agreed. we then went into calorie requirements, and how people coming off steroids overeat thus getting fat etc. I think docs know it is impossible for muscle to turn to fat. they assume that the patient is dumb and will take whatever they have to say as fact. I’ve seen several docs over the last few years for my knee(a subject on which I’ve become somewhat of an expert), and the arrogance of some of them is unbelievable.

Luckily, I actually have a physician that listens to me and understands my “twisted” athlete type thinking.

She’s never provided me anytype of negativity towards my athletic endeavors; quite the contrary.