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Your DIet


If this is already a thread I appologize,

But assuming you train yourself the way we often read O-Lifts, brutal conditioning and strength circuits, Bodybuilding all mashed together. What's your diet like when you look and feel the best?


I never do all that at once. I'm not superhuman!

For the past few months my focus was on the olympic lifts, regaining a decent level of performance and improving technique. During that time I did no bodybuilding work and a minimal amount of strength work (squats, deadlifts mostly, some push presses).

Now that my technique is pretty much where I want it to be I focusing on basic strength work (front squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press) while also working on the olympic lifts but with less volume and frequency (each lift 2 or 3 times a week). I'm also doing some bodybuilding work once or twice per week.

I'm not doing any conditioning work right now.

And I never really give my diet because, to be honest, I'm not that great of an example to follow (most of the time). I don't eat crap, but I'm far from being a stickler to a specific diet/nutritional program. I'm sure to get PLAZMA pre and during workout and most of my meal selection is good. But sometimes I'll eat 3 meals, sometimes 4 sometimes 2, sometimes I'll have a lot of carbs some days not... I'm really eating for convenience and taste right now. And I'm maintaining a decent body composition so I don't feel the need to turn it up a notch yet.

When I want to get leaner I normally increase peri-workout carbs (higher dose of PLAZMA) and go low carbs the rest of the day.


Hey CT,

This thread is closely related to what I was going to ask, so I won't start another thread.

I've been using the Carb Cycling Codex as a template for my diet for about 6 months now, and I've gotten decent, if slow, gains... I put on 3 kg and lost ~3-4% body fat, though I still haven't managed to get as lean as I want. Have you learned anything new since writing it that changes your dietary recommendations for body comp goals, or would you keep it as-is and I just need to tweak my calorie intake?


Dude... gaining 3kg/7lbs while losing 3-4% of fat is significant. Unless you are a beginner these are VERY good gains for 6 months of training. This means about 6-8kg/13-17lbs of muscle. Very few advanced (and even intermediate) people can add that muscle muscle mass in 6 months especially if they are losing fat on top of that. An IFBB pro bodybuilder told me that if he adds 5lbs of muscle in a year he considers that a good year.


I'm not a (total) beginner in the weight room, with about 3 years lifting experience, but I am a beginner to eating intelligently. But if I'm making gains like a newbie, I'm happy-- Call me a newbie.

Does it make sense then to just continue with what I was doing as long as I'm making similar gains? Can I expect to look carved from wood in due time, or will fat loss eventually hit a sort of equilibrium? I guess the answer is gonna be "everybody's different," I just don't want to get stuck at "sort of lean."

I didn't say before, but I'm conservatively around 15% BF right now.