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Your Diet

im about to start on mag10 and have set out a basic diet for myself but i was wondering what you guys currently eat. no just macronutrient breakdowns, but exactly what you for breakfast lunch dinner and all those meals inbetween. this would really help me, and im sure would help anyone else planning their diet. thanks guys

Well, here’s a sample of what I ate one day (November 27th, 2001, to be exact) while on the growth phase of the GSP:

(The list shows food/cals/protein, in that order):

Advanced Protein (AP) 110 20

Omelet & AP 514 51

Surge 350 25

Subway Turkey Breast on wheat (12-inch) 580 35

AP & peanut butter 475 58

Surge 350 25

Steak, rice, assorted veggies 800+ 30

8 oz Salmon cooked in butter 526 62

Berardi choc. pudding w/granola 525 35

Totals: 4230 cals; 341g protein

There were two Surges because of the twice-daily workout. Counting those as separate feedings, I ate a total of nine times that day.

Hope this helps.

Not to turn this thread into a flame, but if you have no idea what are good food choices, then you probably aren’t ready for Mag-10. Check out “Foods that Make you Look Good Nekid” and read some of the lists at the bottom of Berardi’s most recent articles here at T-Mag.