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Your Diet On Cycle? -Curious-


I don't take steroids don't plan to for awhile, but I know that while on cycle you eat a shit load-like 5k calories+- so just wondering if you vets want to post what your diet looks like on a typical day.

This could help out people who might not have a good diet and try to learn off others-or help newbies who don't know how to eat on cycle and complain how they are not growing-


1/2 lb to 3/4lbturkey, 36 oz milk, 2 glasses of water, 4 slices of whole grain multi-oat bread and 3 tablespoons of canola oil... every 3-4 hours. Do it, and you'll be a big fat fatty in no time, without too much fat of course.


I keep carbs lower on cycle, because it's way easier to lose fat while gaining muscle on AAS.


in my first (target:mass) i eat around 4500cal.
In the last (cutting) i was around 2300.


My caloric consumption is about the same as cadav's. Most of the food that brings those calories for mass is:

Turkey, chicken breast, red potatoes, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, olive oil, whole milk, Roman salads, boiled eggs (whole), fish oil capsules, whey protein, casein protein.

Fat loss cycle diet:

Sirloin steak, garden salads, broccoli, celery, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, fish oil capsules, chicken breast, whey/casein blend protein.

All my fat loss diets are ketogenic. It's the only real way to preserve lean mass while shedding that oh-so-comfortable layer of jiggly fat that keeps me warm in Winter months.


ak boxer,this is no flame mate,but you really eat all that every few hours?man,im achef,i ride a bicycle to and from work and train kung fu 4 hrs aweek but couldnt face eating al,l that-whats your secret,or am i under estimating the amount of food you consume?!!


I would be amazed if he could actually handle about a gallon and a half of milk every day without gastrointestinal issues. But hey, we're all different. Maybe I'm just jealous.

I make sure I eat 1000-1200 calories every three hours, six meals per day. This keeps me at about 235-245 pounds depending on activity level. I've never passed 245 because I can't eat the volume of food and not feel like crap.


If you ever read up on what the 280-300lb pros eat on a daily basis, it's enough to make you nauseus. I read somewhere Jay Cutler takes in 600 to 700 grams of protein daily.


Bulking: 6000 calories 470g protein
Cutting: 3800 calories 350g protein
9 meals a day, all about even in calories and protein


This is surprising, as I usually see it the other way around with protein intake. Most people I know eat more protein while cutting, and less while bulking due to protein sparing of high calores/carbs.


My timing, eating schedule and macronutrient percentages generally do not change with my bulking and cutting cycles.
I only adapt the size of the meals to get my needed calories.
But admittedly I'm stubborn and if something has worked for me in the past I am reluctant to switch until it is no longer effective. The higher percentage of protein during cutting makes sense Schwarzy. I may have to break my mold and change my cutting diet up next spring.