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Your Diet Before Thanksgiving


I'm curious as to what other people do to keep from putting on unwanted weight over Thanksgiving holiday or to keep to their diet through the multipule bouts of the free for all buffets that your family puts out....


I ramp up my good calories a whole bunch right around the holidays. I use it as sort of a mini-bulking season. If I'm slamming home 3,500 calories of quality food, I don't have much room for junk.


Who cares? keep bulking.


Exactly what I was thinking. Just another excuse to eat more than I probably should.

Even if you are trying to stay lean over the holidays, enjoy your thanksgiving meal(s). You can always burn off a little extra fat later.

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I've been very careful about NOT indulging. That way, one Thanksgiving feast of mostly turkey and small helpings of everything else won't make a huge impact. Besides, I'll be hitting the gym that morning, so I'll need the calories.

Don't reach for everything you see. It's not that different from the rest of the year. For those moments when you DO want to indulge in "holiday comfort food," keep it to a small percentage of your week's intake, and it won't matter much.


I'm hoping the Carbolin 19 I've been using for the past month will help with the extra calories I will be consuming on T-day and the following weekend. That and some sprinting work. Otherwise I've just been eating at maintenance.


I usually eat clean most of the time anyway so for that one day, or half a day i eat whatever i want, same with christmas. I call it rewarding myself( actually call it cheating, sounds more evil).


There is much talk of the holiday season brining on these huge binges of food and crap to eat. I don't really see that as the case. If you really think about it, unless you have someone baking you cookies all the time, Thanksgiving and Chritmas are really the only days where you are expected to eat a ton. Thats 1 day a month...hardly anything to go crazy over.

And T-day is easy as hell to eat well on. Potatoes...Turkey...Veggies... If you can avoid the pumpkin pie that sounds like a perfect diet for 1 day to me.


Ugh, I'm halfway thru week 2 of the Velocity Diet and I've got to go over to my parent's house for Thanksgiving and watch my brothers gorge themselves on Turkey, stuffing, ham, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes...we got a case of shinerbock shipped from a friend in texas too...this will be painful. oh well, I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and stay strong.


dude, eat that meal for your parents sake if nothing else.


Well, at least by Thanksgiving you shouldn't be able to eat too much food if you're used to the Velocity diet.

Even if you do eat more whole food that day, I'm betting that you'll get full fast.

I don't realy know since I never tried that diet yet, but I plan to in a few months or so.


Dude, what the crap possessed you to to the V-Diet over Thanksgiving?!?! Testing your will-power?


OK, I realize it will suck and I plan on eating dinner with them, but I'm only going to be having meat and hopefully restraining myself from going buck wild on the food since I haven't had any solid meals so far. I realized Thanksgiving would fall in the middle of the diet, but at Christmas all my friends come home for the holidays and it would be even harder to do this diet then, so I decided to buckle down and do it now, then find a happy medium while my friends are here.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving and all you bastards who are bulking can **** my ******ing *** ******s


What would the difference be if you had just finished the Velocity Diet right before thanksgiving, and now?

You might as well just eat a little and not stress yourself out, which could lead to you quitting the diet later.

I'd just eat at the Thanksgiving meal. Just use moderation and go back to your diet the day after.

Your results won't be that much worse, and if all else fails you could always do the diet for an extra week.


I disagree. Eat to your heart's content on Thanksgiving, even if on the V Diet. 20 years from now, are you gonna be remembering how you "stayed strong on your crazy all powder diet" over the holiday season, or will you more likely cherish the good memories. If you're sitting there stressing over food, you're unlikely to be in the mood to make those lasting memories.

That being said, I don't see Thanksgiving/Christmas as that big of a deal. I eat pretty much the same except for dessert, which I count as one of my 10% meals. It's not that hard to leave off the potatoes and sauce.


1: eat small snacks throughout the whole day so you won't eat a shit-laod off food all at once. #2 :Cheat a little.As long as you don't make every single day "thanksgving" of the year you'll be fine.#3: who cares.If you workout pump those ehavy weights til you're sore 3-4 time s a week,a couple hundred calories over your level won't really go to fat. #4: one pound of fat is nothing cardio can't cure in a week.You guys only live once.Enjoy the good times.When you're cooking food,try to cook smart.Pumkin pie isn't full of fat unless you want it to be. use whole wheat flour and not white flour for your pumkin pie and it really won't be abd for you at all. How about this: workout in the morning (on thanksgivng).Brun 300-400 or so calories on cardio,then do some weights,or the other way around. That way your thanks giving meal can be your post workout meal,and if you burn calores that morning you'll be able to eat extra calories. Think about that stuff guys.Just EAT SMART and it'll pay off. HAPPY THANKS GIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is my turkey!!!


I appreciate everyone's concern, but my plan has been formulated already and I'll be just fine following it.


My general approach is to do a cutting diet till a couple weeks before winter vacation (i.e. I'm a student), try to do a maintenance till I get home, and then bulk. Lift heavy and hard. As much as people talk about programs and the evils of training to failure, I sometimes feel that a balls to the walls session for each body part is pretty useful. And a nice being caloric intake to supplement that. Dunno how really useful it is, but working out puts my mind at ease whenever I eat.



I will try to load up on the protien. Turkey, ham, and such. I also cook a dish to bring...sweet potatos...you know that way I know there is at least one good side dish....:wink: I also take a protien shake before each meal so that way I ma not overly hungry.....this year I am trying something new and reduce my carb intake all this week but T-day.

Thanks everyone for you input, I think this will help to give ideas to fellow T-Nation....



i totally agree if bulking is what you want. ive had a recent tendency to be going through a lean period during thanksgiving. but i look at it as a challenge. screw it! it is just usually fatty foods that can be rejected and ignored. enjoy the family and the day together, but diverge when it comes to the food coma!