Your Daily

I don’t exactly know if I put this in the right place, but as a curious forum “troll” i would really enjoy reading what peoples not only daily workout “to do” lists, but their “life” to do lists are.

The thing that spawned this question was I went over to a friends house and his wife has a to-do list program on her computer that she prints out everyday to keep her day organized and as a reminder to do certain things.

Now this made me think, as a busy mother having a daily to-do list, bodybuilders should have one, and if they don’t have one, they probably have something down pact to remind them to do certain deeds that need to be done e.g. (rememberance of working out.)

I personally am interested in having a constant nagging reminder… it’ll get me off my ass.

I use to have list of goals and to-do list and schedules and blah blah blah because I had all this crap that I felt I had to accomplish but then over time I realized that all of that wasn’t very important to me so I started thinking of what I really wanted out of life. This list is much shorter and the items on it are important enough to me that I don’t actually have to write them down anymore.