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Your Dad is a Dick... Punch

This always cracks me up. Its really kinda messed up, but so funny at the same time.

WTF is wrong with people?

Why would a grown adult think it funny to do this to anyone, much less a boy who probably admires him?


I don’t really find this funny. Nor do I think it’s responsible parenting.

Fucking stupid.

I could understand kids his same age doing something like that, but supposedly grown men…really?

And recording it.

And posting it for the world to see.

The revenge video is funny.

The really screwed up thing is that guy is a voter :confused:

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
The revenge video is funny.[/quote]

Yes it is.

Where is the revenge video?

The boy played it safe, but it all makes sense now. They are LSU fans…

I smiled, though I shouldn’t have, but really they could have really injured that kid.

for an adult to do that to a child is pretty messed up…

That made me sad. What kind of dad does that?

i lol’d

[quote]Aggv wrote:
i lol’d [/quote]

If we are lucky they have done this type of shit enough that they won’t be able to pass on thier genes.

[quote]Aggv wrote:
i lol’d [/quote]

I don’t think it’s funny, and not in that “it was inappropriate” way (which it still was) just as in it was a nut shot, so old and just not funny.

I gotta be honest, even though I didn’t think it was funny in the least, I definitely would have laughed my ass off if originally the kid did it to his dad!