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Your Current Fasting Protocol + Bringing Up Shoulders, Traps and Arms?

Hey Paul

I’m 42, pretty light (170lbs) and pretty lean (visible abs but not ‘ripped’) and a big fan of the 24 hour fast protocol. I’m looking it keeping lean and bringing up some areas:

  • I’m looking at bringing up my shoulders, traps and arms and would like to inquire how you would program with a couple of fasting days per week?

  • I’v had success with 2 sessions in a day (day after the fasts - high protein and super high carbs, low fat)

  • Aim to add a little size in the right areas while remaining lean

Thank you for your recommendations of ketone products (I’ve just ordered)

Nice one brother

Moog (Mike in Bangkok)

If you’re fasting that much then adding any significant degree of mass, anywhere really, is going to be incredibly tough.

If there was one way around this I would recommend, it’s still not ideal, is to push higher amounts of carbs in on the days you’re training those areas. Both in the pre-training meals, peri, and post.

Noted and thank you Paul.

I’m going to drop to 1 or 2 fasts per month (and stop being so paranoid about a small amount of fat gain, if any) - Prioritize the aforementioned body parts, hit slightly above maintenance cals on those days, maintenance on 2 other days, slightly below on the others…

Couple of 24 hour fasts per month to help with nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity, as well as limit unwanted fat gain.

Appreciate your advice and insight as always

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