Your Cost For ART?

My insurance does not cover ART but he used to just charge me a $45 co-pay and that would be it. He is now raising his co-pay to $95. What do you pay if you don’t have insurance that covers ART?

I’ve got Kaiser thru work and the current plan allows 20 chiropractic visits per year with a $10 co-payment per visit.

Over the phone, I was told that Kaiser would not cover ART which is also referred to as neuro-muscular re-education and that ART treatment are not covered by Kaiser. Each ART session would cost $45.

In person, I pay my $10 co-payment and I’m assuming I’m receiving ART for my wrist tendinitis since that is what I specifically requested. The ART treatment temporarily stops the pain and restores range of motion but I’ve been told I have another 2 - 4 weeks before I can even attempt to lift with my right hand.

Another ART provider quoted $95 per session and they did not accept any insurance. A third provider from the’s list never returned my call.