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Your Coolest/Most Gruesome Injury?


Chris87 came up with the idea and I think it would be intersting to hear some gory tales.

kief is not allowed use his swastika scar he recieved from Aldo Raine


I have a scar on my left eyebrow in the shape of a half moon. Caused by running with a metal pipe, tripping and it going into by head.

Cool scar I think.


When I was 14 I was riding a bike down this hill near me, and my gears caught and me and the bike were flung 50 yards down the hill, skidding the entire time. I got bad road rash all along my right arm, leg, and chest. Can't tell very much now though, maybe a little discoloration if you look closely. The cool part was that I landed on my head initially and my helmet cracked but didn't brake. I still have that cracked helmet that probably saved me many months/years of injury time had I not had it on.


Last year I found a corpse floating in a river. I called the police and they took my particulars and I never heard anything more about it.

It seemed to be an Asian male (I live in Taiwan) about 30 to 50 years old. He was floating face down.

EDIT Sorry, on the main page I couldn't see the word "Injury" on the end and thought it was just a gruesome story.


when I was 18, I did this excursion thing in the Dominican Republic where you climb up waterfall rocks and once your at the top, you get down by jumping the waterfalls in a pool of water. Anyways, I broke my left foot (3 middle metatarsals) when I jumped only like a meter down in this dark pool of water that I thought was a LOT deeper, but it ended up being quite shallow. My left foot got hit right in the middle by this rock at the bottom. So I get out and could tell something's messed up, and I tell the tour guide and sit down on a rock.

All of the sudden blood starts gushing out of my shoe, and my family/other people on our tour freak out, my younger girl cousin starts crying, and my cousin's friend who I banged the night before starts holding my hand. Anyways, so the tour guide takes off my shoe and sock, and there's hole of about 1 cm. right at the top of my big toe metatarsal. He takes off his tank-top and wraps it, and out of nowhere this GIANT Dominican guy comes and puts me on his back... this happened at the very top of the mountain, so I still have to get down.

So he puts me on his back and climbs down rocks while I'm just clinging on to him, nauseous, and after each climb down from a group of rocks, I have to jump a waterfall into the pool of water, with my broken fucking foot. This climbing down rocks/jumping waterfalls went back-and-forth for a good 20 minutes, until we were at the bottom where a taxi STILL couldn't reach me because of this stupid fuckin' river. So they put me on a donkey, yes, a DONKEY, to travel through the shallow river. At this point I was beyond delirious, so while on the donkey all these stupid fuckin' tree branches hit me in the face and my broken foot. I finally reached the taxi that took me to the hospital.

After the surgery at the hospital, I found out that what had happened is when I broke my foot, my index toe metatarsal actually got pushed up and to the right and punctured right through the skin, but then went back down in the foot immediately after.

Quite the story, eh?


I was shot in the back 20 years ago it's still lodged in my back. The bullets ehh the nerve damage makes my whole left side numb if I sleep on my back I wake with my whole left side numb like when your arm falls to sleep. The older I get the worse it gets.

Mental scar????
Port Au Prince
4 months


When I was younger I used to ride my bike without shoes. This one time I was taking a sharp corner, around the top of a hill, and somehow got my big toe on my right foot jammed underneath the pedal - scraping along the road.

I couldn't stop either since I was going downhill fast and my brakes never really worked - so I dragged my toe for a good 15 metres before deciding to just bail by tipping over to my side (and landing on my face).

I hobbled home and when I cleaned off all the blood and gravel off my foot I saw nothing but a big bloddy mess where my big toe used to be - no trace of the nail and all ripped up.

Toe is fine now - but I wish I had pics, was fucking disgusting.


Exploded my right fibula, literally, missing an inch of bone mid-shaft.

Grade 3 inversion of the left ankle, almost made the size of a volleyball.

Tore by left biceps clean off the bone. . . good times.


When I was 14 I had a compound fracture/dislocation of my right pinky playing basketball. Take your right hand and turn your palm to face you, now think of your pinky rotating like 150 degrees, that's what my xray looked like, except add in the compound fracture(so a jagged ass broken bone that was separated from the joint and whatnot). One of the kids I was playing with threw up on the spot when he saw my hand, between the angle of the finger and the exposed bone it was REALLY fucked up looking.

I can't remember how old I was for the this one(was definitely young), but I was playing around on a trampoline in ways you're not supposed to and my leg landed between springs and the piece that attaches to the ring or w/e just tore it's way down my shin leaving a gaping wound, still a very prominent scar. Although it may be an odd memory thing that makes me thing it was worse because I didn't have to have a skin graph, so it couldn't actually have been that wide of a wound... it was long and deep though, still pretty gruesome(also, the fucking limp ass skin that hangs there when you have an injury like that is disgusting as fuck).


That is a pretty messed up story.

when I was younger and in school one of my friends found a dead body in a bush, he didnt know what to do so he poked it with a stick... I dont know what I'd have done but im pretty sure it wouldnt have involved a stick and poking.

I'm liking hearing all these grusome injuries and stories, keep em' coming!


I have scar all the way down my left forearm where I fell and cut my arm against a sharp boulder while mountaineering. Hurt like a bitch.


I was riding a four wheeler (quad?).

I came over a ridge not realizing a barb wire fence was just a short distance further (had been built since the last time I rode)

I hit the breaks but went flying through the fence.

Fortunately there was a gun rack on the handle bars that deflected the wire a tad. I still got cut straight across the front of my neck and have a scar plus one on each shoulder where the barbs futher down the line hit me.

Had the gun rack not been there, I probably would have either slit my throat or been decapitated. Maybe not so gory but a close call for sure.


I was cycling to work, going down a hill. I could see I had a green light so went straight across the road when I reached the bottom. At the same time some guy in a Benz decided to take the corner.

He clipped my back wheel, my bike spun, and I flew about 2 meters. I don't recall exactly what happened but I must have skidded along the floor and put my hands out to stop myself as I was missing a lot of skin off my hands and face, I had two broken wrists (one totally snapped), two broken thumbs, 1 chipped canine, and 1 broken toe.

I didn't know how bad it was until I try to push myself up off the floor and my wrists gave way under my weight. My left wrists had two new bends in it that were not there before. Had to have 2 wires in both hands to hold the thumbs in place, and a metal plate with 7 screws to hold my wrist together. Over a year later and I still don't have full mobility in my left wrist but I do have a rather nice scar.


And here is one of the four wires that were holding the thumbs in place.


That is not a wire. It's a bloody tent peg!


Exactly what my mate said when he saw the pics.


Did you keep all the screws and wire?

My most grusome injury is rather tame to most of the ones on here.
I jumped of a "treehouse" type thing that was made of scaffhold poles.
The ends of these poles were quite ragged with no rubber covers on the end.
On the way down the whole side of my right upper leg scraped down the end of a pole leaving a nice deep gash and disgusting flappy skin.

Jumping of things were not on the menu for a while after that.


The most grusome injury was my patella dislocation.No bloodm no scar, but damned I was in extreme shock and pain with my knee looking way to weird...


They are meant to be particulary painfull. A few years ago when I was doing my first aid certificate for lifeguarding the trainer told us about a man who did that and he said he made the most horrible noise and then promptly passed out.

How did you do it?


Damn, there's some pretty brutal stories here.

I've had some messed up things happen, but one that pops out at me that's a little different happened in second grade, gym class. We were doing back-and-forth type exercises. Skipping, running, hopping, etc. This exercise was hopping on one leg to other side of the gym.

Well, me being the outstanding physical specimen that I was, tripped at some point, fell forward, and shattered my two front "big teeth" on the top of my mouth on cemented floor. Blood and streaks of white where all across the floor... it hurt. lol